Buxom wife gets naughty – Part 2

Hello fellow lovers of Desi chudai sex stories. I am going to continue with sensual & erotic story about my buxom wife, Mansi and how she got a chance to get fucked by Bhola. I am pretty sure you have already read her previous sexual adventures – Buxom Wife gets Naughty. As usual, the narrator of the story will be Mansi. So sit back and enjoy!

I wanted this Desi Chudai!

After catching a glimpse of how Bhola fucked Laali in front of my own eyes, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else other than that chudai.

Desi Chudai – First time fucking my girlfriend

Laali came back in an hour. I was peeling and cutting vegetables as she brought milk.

“It’s been some time since you went to get the milk, Laali”, I joked. I knew what she had done today..

desi chudai sex with servant

Desi Chudai with Servant

“Memsaab”, She replied,” I had to visit my ailing mother. She has fever so I stayed back a bit to give her medicines”.

I nodded. I wasn’t objecting to her lies. She ha good reason for it.

I noticed she had difficulty walking properly.

Her legs were more wider now.

She barely walked properly!

Bhola’s dick had done this to her!

It was all because of Bhola and his monstrous desi chudai! He had fucked her so hard that she wasn’t able to walk properly now.

I wanted to feel the same pain and ecstasy.

I waited.

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Next day, Laali, as usual went out to get milk. She did that every day. Sharp at 9 am, she would go to the shop at the corner of the road and get milk. Her shanty hut was on the other side of the road.

Her mother was ill for sure. I had met her. She was an old hag.

“Laali”, I shouted as she bolted the door open,”Do you know someone who can fix the balcony wall?”….

She nodded and recommended Bhola.

“Ok. Bring him with you. I have time today so want to get this fixed”. I said kneeling over the table…

She said yes and went away.

I was happy. Desi chudai was on the cards!

After about 30 minutes, Laali came back. She was prompt this time.

“Memsaab”, She said entering the hall,” This is Bhola. He works at the construction site in front of us. He will fix the wall”…

I saw Bhola. He was smiling. A mischievous smile… and so was Laali…

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“Ok Laali,” I replied as I got up from the chair, brushing my ample and big boobs against the glass table in process..

Since I wasn’t wearing any bra or panties, which I don’t wear all the time, my boobs bounced a bit..

The maxi I was wearing had a low cut neck. Most of my boobs were visible. Big round Indian Boobs!

Bhola looked at my boobs!!

He was still smiling.

“Come Bhola”, I’ll show you what needs to be done”, I waved at him and he followed.

Laali went into the kitchen to complete her chores.

My maxi was wrapped around the hips so most of my legs were visible. Clean shaved desi legs!

Bhola was eyeing them as well as my desi gaand (ass) from behind.

Desi Chudai – Wife with my Friend

I can feel it.

“This is the wall. It broke last month.. Can you fix it today?”, I asked turning towards Bhola.

He looked at the wall and nodded…

“Kar denge Memsaab”, His pan stained teeth shone at me..

Wow! this man was raw!

I liked rough and labor type me. They had that hard fuck in them. Something too desi and I liked it.

“Magar, ye ek din ka kaam nahi hai “, He continued as he looked at the wall and back at my boobs a bit,” Bahot bada kaam hai, mehnat lagega and do-char din tak mazbooti se karna padega”…

I can sense the double meaning words in his reply. He was teasing me..

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“Thik hai.. kar do.. waise bhi iske mazboot haath hi chahiye, sabke bas ki baat nahi”, I teased him..

I so wanted that desi cock in me..

Bhola smiled. He caught me in between words and had a hint of my sexual needs now..

“Kab se shuru karu?”, he joked..

His eyes were on my massive boobs!

The Desi chudai I wanted was on the cards now. Bhola went away and came back after an hour. I guess he took leave for a couple of day to finish the work on the wall and my pussy as well.

In the mean time I finished all my work and told Laali to take leave.

She was smiling all day. I knew what she was thinking and I wasn’t bothered about it. I just wanted that desi cock in my wet Indian pussy asap!

Bhola started work.

Desi Chudai – Sister & Teacher taught how to fuck

In the mean time, my husband called. He said that he has to accompany his colleague on a business meet for a week. He is going to Jharkhand and asked me to take care of myself.

I said, don’t worry and get the work done.

I was happy.

No disturbances and all the time I wanted for my desi chudai!

Will continue in next part. Don’t forget to read it!