Deepti, the mistress

Hi Literotica, Indian sex story & Cuckold sex story readers!! My name is Manoj sharma. This sex story is about my dominant girlfriend Deepti. I live in Mumbai. Deepti and I have been in relationship from last 4 years and from last one year our relationship has sparked up and took new turn.

This story is about how my loving girlfriend changed to a dominant mistress. Let’s get to the story.

It was a usual sunny day. I was watching TV at home. My phone rang. It was Deepti. She asked me to come at her house her parents were not at home for a whole day. I was more than happy. Got ready as quick as possible and reached her house.

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She used to live in a 2BHK apartment almost 5 km from my home. I silently sneaked in quietly so that no one can see me. As I entered I was dumbstruck. She ordered me to enter in her parents bedroom. She was in black bra and panties with netted stockings on.

She looked just like a bitch! I entered into the room and she followed me and locked the door. As she entered I stepped on to hug her and she just pushed me away and asked me to sit on my knees. I was a bit confused. Looking at the expression on my face she shouted and ordered the same. As I sat down,

she said- darling you know I love you. Don’t you?

I nodded in affirmation.

She continued – but I have certain doubt on our future. You are becoming a good engineer and you are so intelligent so you’re gonna be successful as well. In mean time if you stopped loving me then what should I do.
I tried to assure her about my love. That it will never change for you and I’ll love you even more as the time passes.

She said- I cannot trust you . But I have a solution on it . But you have to promise me that you’ll accept whatever my request would be….

I quickly accepted it without thinking twice.

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She said – from now on you’ll be my slave. For a second my heart skipped a beat .

She continued – yes you’ll be my pet from now onward and listen to my every command .If you question anything or deny my orders that will be the end of our relationship..

My mind was on merry go round and I just couldn’t get what was going on .

She further added that you’ll have to call me mistress whenever we are alone and behave like a slave. Do you accept it or want to leave me right now .

I was in huge dilemma .I was staring at her black heels thinking about everything . I noticed my dick was hard after hearing these things from her. I thought that I like the idea .I looked at her from down to up .I just couldn’t imagine my life without her.

She pulled my hair and yelled- Decide it quickly, you asshole.

I quickly replied – yes yes Deepti I’ll be your slave from now on .

She started to laugh wickedly. She sat the bed with me still on my knees on the ground .And all of a sudden she slapped me on my cheek.

She said your first lesson is from now. What you’re supposed to call me??

Mistress i replied .

That’s like a good doggie . Come on now slave get naked before I complete 3 count. I quickly got rid off my shirt. But somehow I just couldn’t get my pants that quickly .When she completed 3 counts i was still in my socks and underwear .She looked at me furiously, stood up slapped me 4-5 times and then asked me to lean on corner of bed. She took off undies up to my knees and asked me to count.

As I looked back i already had it SPANK.

Say it you son of a bitch.

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One I said.

She again pulled my hair hard and corrected me one mistress.

Two mistress

Three mistress