Cheating Indian Wife

How far can you go with your revenge? Do you have a revenge story which you are not so proud of? Have you gone over board with your revenge? Has anyone cheated on you and you have taken a revenge which was sweet to you but broke your partner? This is a story you shouldn’t miss.

Our company, at the end of the year holds a cool fully paid office year end party. Its the only party where everyone enjoys to their limit and booze flows like water. I was happy as after a hard year of work this was something which was so needed.

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This is the story of last December and I got decked up in my black tux with a cool light blue shirt inside. I choose to use the bow tie instead of a tie, because I think bow ties are way too underrated. I went to the party and met my seniors and my office colleagues and it was awesome. We all drank till we drop and the all the ladies where dressed up in the best of their small clothes. But there was something which caught my eye after dancing for an hour.

There was a sweet cute female sitting in a corner sipping her scotch. I have never seen her before in office. And its common for me to not see people since I was out on business trips most of my time. When I inquired from a dev friend, came to know that she is the hr of the company. I have communicated using email with the hr but never knew how Pooja from Hr looks like.

Pooja was a sweet and cute female, with long hair, nicely sculpted body (34-28-36). She had a body of a model and no body goofed around with her or flirted with her because she was very straight forward about her relationship with her boy friend and always stopped any small talks with her. That night she was wearing a small black crop tank top which exposed her white milky shoulders which was a sight to die for.

Her navel button was pierced and she was careful to show it in the dress. In the bottom she wore a small pink mini skirt and a beautiful pink pencil heels. Her legs were shiny and she looked rather sexy than to say cute. I knew her background so dint want to goof around but it broke my heart that such a cool, happy going girl is sitting in a corner so I decided to confront her. I went up to her and sat next to her. She was amazed since no one had ever dared to do that. Before her anger could pour out I said, I hate to see a happy going girl like this.

To make it very clear, I am not hitting on you. When I said that, the frown on her face turned into a small cute smile on her red painted lips as she sipped her scotch. Then I introduced myself and we shoot hands. God her hands were very soft. I complimented her on her dressing and called her the cutest in the entire party and this made her blush. Before wasting any time I told her she looks even beautiful while blushing and she just couldn’t stop blushing.

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I asked her to join our group for dancing. Initially she was hesitant but I said, All my drinks are on me! She knew, I knew the drinks are free but she loved that line. She agreed and we went to the dance floor holding hands since she was wearing high heels. I introduced her with all my friends and we dance along till 1 in the night when the party got over. For almost all the time she sat with me and sipped her whiskey and I was on beer all the time.

We chatted for a lot of time and then decided to head to Leopold cafe to drink even more. We took a cab and reached the cafe. We had a great time talking to each other and drinking in the cafe. At around 3 am she told me to drop her home and so I took a taxi.

But something happened in the taxi which blew my mind. We sat in the taxi and in the mid way she came closer to me and gave me a french kiss. I dint respond because I was not thinking anything about her .

But when she kissed me again, I went in and took the best of it. When we reached thane near her apartment, she took my hand and told me to come to her place for a cup of coffee. I knew where this was going. I agreed and paid the cab and went up. She was so pretty that even when she walked you will keep watching her. Every part of her was properly carved.

We went up. She told me to make myself comfortable and she went to the washroom. She then latched the inner room from outside and came to me. She started kissing me passionately and I took all advantage of it. I kissed her back and started touching her thighs. She started hissing and moaning, Ahh,,,ahahhahhhhh,,, She was getting so hot minute by minute and moaning nearly really loudly. For sometime I thought this is just her style.

Some people moan louder and there nothing new in this. I made my hand into her crop top and started squeezing her beautiful breasts and she started moaning even louder as I kissed and sucked her lips. To her surprise I just sat down on my knees as she sat on the couch and started removing her panty. She looked at me like a sexy perfect nude model. A view of her and you might cum. She looked so sexy. I removed her panty without removing her panty and made my way from her thighs to her sweet pink pussy. She was all shaved down there.

I kissed her thighs, inner thighs and her moans got louder. Ahhh… ahhhh.. Fuck…. This feels so nice… Aur karo… Aur karo….. Thoda slow. Her hands were on my head and she held my hair very tightly. I made my way to her clit and started licking it. She went nearly crazy. She was holding her hair with one hand and one hand was on my hair. She pushed me down in her pussy and I kept licking it. She went so wild that she couldnt hold it anymore and she came twice in the process. When she came the third time she couldnt help but shout in a moans. ah.. ahhh. Ahhh… Please go slowly.. ahh .. ahh. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She trembled around all her body for a while because the orgasm was too intense for her as I held both her hands which she was holding very very tightly.

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She then looked at me and said, she had never experienced oral before and this experience was outstanding. Now she made me stand up and remove my clothes by her hands. When I was stark naked infront of her I heard some crying noise from the inner room. But then I thought it might be someones tv and ignored it. She made me sit on the couch and started stripping on the music she started on her phone. Slowly she removed her skirt, exposing her pink pussy and I started enjoying it. Then she turned back and bent down to give me the best view of all time. Then she removed her top and exposed her pink nipples and came to me and sat on me and started kissing me. I was enjoying a lot and she was teasing me with all her wit. She then went on the doggy postion and told me to insert. But I wanted to enjoy it so I started massaging her pussy from behind with my erect cock. As I massaged her from behind and she was about to cum, she shouted, Put it inside! Please fuck karo mujhe! But I dint listen. I turned her over and told her to give me a blowjob which she reacted very badly by saying she hates doing it. But i wasn’t going to listen. So I took my cock and put in her mouth and held her mouth with my hands.

As I started stroking it in her mouth, she started enjoying it and gave me a blowjob. The tip went inside her virgin mouth which was so hot and I loved seeing her sucking it. After around 5 minutes, I took her in the missionary position as she begged me to insert my penis in her. I pushed the tip on her pussy and she started hitting me with her red nails on my back, before any delay i pushed my 6 inch cock right into her. And she literally shouted. Oooo ma! Mar gayi me! Dhire dhire please dhire.. Ahhhh.. I started stroking slowly and she started moanning really loud. I increased my speed and started fucking her like crazy. She was moaning like crazy. Ahhh.. ahhh.. Ahhhh… itna bada hai tumhara! Im loving itt… Please go faster. .. fast karo….ahhh….ahhh…fuck….. As I increased the speed, I started biting her boobs and she went literally crazy.

I was about to cum when i took out the cock and took her head and put my cock in her mouth. Her lipstick had made my cock all red. and she was in a big trance.

as she had the cock in her mouth she started sucking it like before when i shot,,, Ahhhhhhhhhhh…. I shot all my load in her mouth. She closed her eyes and moved me and spat all the cum on the ground.

She then came to me and sat with me. We both were panting like crazy. When she wen to the washroom.. I quickly wore my clothes.

What came next was just so unexpected. She opened the inner room and went in for a while. She didn’t come for 5 minutes and I was curious what she was doing inside so I entered in. When I went inside, what I saw broke my heart. Her boyfriend was sitting with his legs straight and crying. All this time he was inside the room and we were fucking and she was cheating. I suddenly generated a strange hatred towards her and i sat down near him to tell him that I dint knew anything. But by then he said only two sentences.

“I deserve this! I was fucking a lady inside without knowing she was outside crying for 5 hours! ”

She then took me up and kissed me again and told me to leave. Stunned, i dint know anything to do and took a cab back to my home. Somewhere I was guilty and somewhere I was happy that we did the same to someone who cheated. But the question is who is to judge all this?