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I work in a local call center. I believe that life is how we make it. There are people who keep looking for things to feel sad or frustrated about and there are others, who find happiness in whatever situations they come across.

When I started working in call center 2 yrs ago, my friends told me, don’t join. They said they had worked for short durations and did not find atmosphere conducive. They were not ready to tell what exactly was wrong. After long conversations, one of them Deepa, finally spilled the beans. She told that moving up the ladder requires more than just performance. You could be expected to sleep around with seniors. I said, this is all rubbish and would like to see and then believe. I told them I could always leave the job, if I came across such situation where I need to compromise on this.

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I joined and started to learn my work. Let me confess, I wasn’t the smartest or quickest. I did my share of mistakes but eventually even dumbest of all can learn, if we want to.

1 yr passed easily, and there was time of our appraisals. When the increments were discussed, I was graded very poor. There were a couple of girls (Varsha & Seema) who were 60% productive of my capability but they were given better salary raise. I was upset, really upset. I got the idea to investigate of my previous friend’s claims regarding moving up the ladder.

Our team leader was Mahesh. Average looking guy – 5.8 Wheatish. Along with my work, I started focusing on his movement within our team of 20. I realized he spent a lot of time with Varsha and Seema. We had rotating shifts. He never let Varhsa & Seema work is same shift. Mahesh would purposefully sit very close to Varsha, while explaining her something. He would put his hand on her shoulder. I observed whenever one left the room other one would follow within 2 min. One day, Mahesh left the room. Varsha got up after 2 min. I purposefully asked her, what happened, she replied she was going to rest room. I let her go and quietly followed her from some distance, where she would not notice me.

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After going out of the room, she turned towards a different room instead of ladies rest room. I understood there was something fishy. On our floor, there was small store room which was never locked. I saw her entering that room. I followed her and stood at the corner. I saw a stool near by. I got the stool close to the side wall and climbed it. I could peek inside the room the same way like Shahrukh peeped inside room of shanty priya in Om Shanti Om.

I saw Mahesh put his lips on Varsha’s lips. Varsha was wearing Skirt and Blouse, but expectedly, not for long. Mahesh moved down from her lips to her neck, and then to her cleaveage. Varsha was always generous while putting her breasts on display. She always wore low cut blouse. We would always catch our team mates looking on to her boobs.

Mahesh then pulled over the blouse over her head. He started nibbling on her breasts from over her black bra. Her breasts looked bigger than mine, from that distance. Mine are 32, she must be 34. Looking at him nibbling on those breast, I started to get wet. You can feel hard or wet, reading stories or watching movies. Just imagine the effect it must have created on me, as I was watching it all happen live. My shaved pussy started to leak.

He then got on his knees and pulled down her skirt, exposing her ass cheeks. He pulled down her black panty too. I could see his tongue moving on her trimmed pussy. She was trying hard to control her moaning. He put her on the sofa at the corner and spread her legs. He then dig his tongue deep inside hot pussy. My hands automatically went over my own pussy and started rubbing.

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He then stood up and opened the zipper of his trouser. Soon he was standing with his Manhood strong and erect, in his hand. She came forward and started sucking him.

After sometime of sucking playing with his testicles she moved back and opened her pussy lips. He moved forward and slowly inserted his big cock deep inside her.

Seeing him move in and out of her pussy got me so hot too. I started rubbing my pussy vigorously. Soon I felt myself having a big orgasm. I new they would be soon stopping to get back to the room. I got down of the stool and moved back to take my place of work.

After 5 min, we were finally joined by both of them. This was one my most interesting masturbation experience of my life so far. Did I fuck Mahesh later? Well that’s a suspense that I shall share latter. For now, I would love to read your guesses about what must have happened next. Also do let me know if you liked to read this incidence through your sweet messages.