My sweet lover Nancy

I am Devji. I am the only son of my parents. My family was a very wealthy family and I was brought up with good qualities. Health and wealth molded me with very good personality. When I was just in my 18, I was in my eleventh standard only. This explores the best literotic sex story about Nancy and her sexual experiences when I got to fuck her hairy hindi porn pussy!

Even then my friends taught me sex education in paper as well as in practical.

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That was all because, almost all the students of our school were belonged to very rich families and so almost all of us were telling that the youth and health must be spent to enjoy life.

So fucking each other was just like having tea or coffee. I was also addicted to that. So there was none in standard eleventh and twelfth with out fucking experience. Might be in standard ten or even in nine also.

So popular dating was. Coming to the girls side, they were really our teachers in this regard.

Of all the girls in our class Nancy was the leader.

She was extreme in all. In beauty, boldness, cleverness, nobody can compete with her.

But we didn’t have a touch with each other. I loved her and hopefully she also loved me. Both were having a common strong point. Marriage was nothing but imprisonment, that too with hand-cuff and leg-cuff.

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The first day, we introduced each other happened so.

One day Nancy was sitting with her friends and I was sitting on the nearby bench. One of her friends asked her to tell them a sex joke.
She started like this,” One night a husband and wife after having been fucked for a long time, went to sleep.

In her deep sleep the wife said loudly, ”

Run, run, my husband is coming.”

The husband in his semi sleep collected his dresses, ran and jumped out through an opened window, fell down and had some wounds. Then he awoke fully and said to himself,” This is my house and I was sleeping with my wife only. Then why should have I jumped like this?” saying so he went inside and started to sleep.”

Hearing the joke all of us laughed loudly. Hearing my laughter, she raised her head and saw me. I also saw her and smiled. She told her name and I did so, and we both became friends.

Similarly the first intercourse was also ever remember able for me. When my parents were off to a temple for two days, I invited her to my house. She also came with a simple and casual dress.

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I invited her, shaking her hand, tightly holding her hand for some time.

Then I hugged her gently and she also liked that very much.

Asked her to sit, I gave her some cool drinks. I sat nearby and we talked facing eyes to eyes. In both of our eyes there was love only. Suddenly I hugged her again and kissed her on her eyes, forehead and cheeks, like a husband hugging and kissing his wife.

She also in turn, with full of love in her eyes, held my head in her hands, kissed me many times. The turning point came. Yes, I kissed on her lips strongly and that changed love to lust.

She held my penis in her hand and I removed her blouse and started to lick, bite and suck her nipples. She removed my dresses and I removed her dresses.

Thus we started to travel in another way.

She licked and sucked my penis and I licked and sucked her pussy being in 69 position. I bit her thighs and her cunt and she started moaning, ” Come on, fuck me Devji. I love you so much, but more than that now I need your fucking.

Please Devji fuck me hard and kill me by your rod like penis.”

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We both fucked and fucked and fucked for a very long time that too in different different postures. We hugged each other tightly for a long time. We didn’t want to separate.

That incident happened on the last day of the school and we couldn’t meet even more than 10years or even more.

I took charge as a police officer, that too as CBI officer. I was sent to Delhi to investigate a serious crime in the army.

Some top secrets in the army were leaked out, that too by some superior officers.

I secretly tried to find that by hacking the phones of the higher officials. At last I could trace out that a lady was sexually abused some officers and drew the secrets from them. I was shocked to find that lady to be Nancy.

I met her directly and she was stunned to see me there. She didn’t tell about her and I didn’t tell about me. But I compelled her to take me to her residence. When she was changing her dress in her room, I secretly watched every thing.

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When she came out, I suddenly sprayed on her some anesthesia and made her to faint. Searching through out,I collected all the secrets as well as evidences. I handed over them all including Nancy.

I don’t know what punishment would the army give her.

At lost I lost my beloved lover.