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We decided to do some social service on one night it was winter night 8 pm. We were near railway station we saw one beggar lying on foot path. He was feeling bit cold as he was not having proper clothing. He was wearing only torn pant and some old blanket over body and nothing inside he must be in his fifties we went to him and asked “feeling cold? Have you eaten something” he was hungry.

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So we went nearby hotel and fed him good amount of food. he dined feeling his stomach and wishes he was very happy by now.Now he saw us better way.

beggar sex storiesHe asked “why did you did favor on me? Who are you?” we briefed him little bit and asked him what we can do for him further. he was amazed now he told us that he is feeling cold and it will be nice if we can do something for him, we bought new blanket for him when we inquired about his family, he went silent.

He told us that his wife died long back due to severe cold and there is nobody caring him he started crying. My wife came forward and said him “don’t worry. We are there. I will take care of you tell me what do you want now?” she patted him with sympathy he felt better. he hugged her and put his head on her shoulder for relaxation.

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He was touching a woman after years and that too beautiful woman like my wife! She was simple and beautiful. Due to hugging and her warm touch,he felt excited. His tool started stiffening. We both realized it during gupshup, I asked him “when did you had your last sex?” his eyes shined. he said it must be at least 5 years or so.

No sex after my wife death. I asked him directly pointing my wife “will you like to have sex with her?” he was excited by the concept. he readily agreed. We all started moving inside station from backside where no one will catch us or see us on the way I bought pack of condoms and handed over to wife.

We all climbed in one railway sleeper coach. It was all silence there and we were alone there.Lights were coming from yard side and enough to see each other.

They went on lower birth and I climbed on upper berth in nearby compartment so that I can see what they do but not disturb them my wife and beggar sat on berth he was looking at her with lot of lust in eyes.

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His hands already on her shoulders pulled her and started kissing her lips, neck etc. He was very desperate and looking sex starved he must be hungry for sex also. He didn’t want to waste lifetime opportunity he got to fuck my cute wife. he pushed her on seat and climbed on her.

His hands were freely roaming on her body, on breasts, chest, stomach, waist, legs, silver anklet worn sexy feet etc. his lips also kissing wherever possible like lips, cheeks,eyes, neckline, boobs,belly,legs,feet etc. Just to control him, she grabbed his head and pulled him towards her.

Their lips came closer and in bit of second, they locked the lips. His upper lip on her upper lip and lower vice versa. They were kissing intimately. Surprisingly my wife was very passionate to offer him great enjoyment, a lifetime opportunity.Soon their tongues started darting each others. She likes to dominate in this sex act.

She was offering him tongue to suck and his was playing with it. He was sucking her tongue with lips and tongue as like sucking candy. Their saliva mixing and falling on her cheeks and neckline.

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