Christmas gift to my hot desi Wife – Part 3

Hi all. Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2020. This story is about how my Indian house wife got fucked. This is Vishal male of mid 30. My wife Priya is definitely a raw & great fuck. She is 26. She is capable of doing all sorts of nasty fuck & never gets tired. She is 5’2”, milky white body with huge boobs.

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Let’s move on with the story now.

Beautiful indian wife fuckedI thought not to put on anything tonight. She said naughtily. I laughed. Sam let’s go down.

I need to bring my camera. We came down. I found one skirt was there in the car. I took that too.

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We came back again. Priya got up & was changing the song. She became free completely.

Then she jumped on bed & lied on her back wearing heels. She kept her legs outside.

Sam walked towards her & stood near her feet. Are you ok? He asked. Yes, come on sit.

Saying this she sat on it & tried to take out her heels. It is absolutely fine. You are looking great in heels.

You can take out your stocking. I will love to see your gorgeous thighs.

He requested. Only thighs? Priya asked looking at deep into his eyes.

She came to side & kept her legs on floor. He knelt down in front of her & kept his both hands on thighs. Can I dance with you? He asked.

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Sure. She got up started making peck for us. Sam came & stood on her back.

He hugged her from back & kissed her neck. nnnnnnn Priya moaned closing her eyes & threw her head back on his shoulder.

His face covered with her hair.

His hands were rubbing her naked belly. His fingers were teasing her skin softly.

Slowly he was lifting his hands up with her inner like top towards her semi naked huge boobs.

He pulled her inner up to her lower chest. She took two glasses in her both hands then turned fast.

Your drink is ready honey enjoy it. He took one glass from his hand & all of a sudden, he bent to kiss her lips.

She immediately turned her face & laughed smashing her boobs over his chest. Let me have some effect of drink honey.

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She said seductively licking her lips. You bitch. He whispered. Yes, Tonight I am all yours. Do feast like there is no tomorrow.

She stole that dialogue from a 007 movie. Is it? He whispered kissing her ear.

Fuck me as hard as you can. She whispered. Sam took a sip from his glass then he took his glass close to her mouth.

Priya lifted her chin. Facing ceiling she kept her mouth wide open. He pour few in her mouth.

Priya didn’t suck it. He bent on her & Pour his tongue inside her open mouth & sucked.

He sucked her mouth for a while. Nnn mmmm mm mm. Priya was moaning.

He left her & smiled looking at her eyes. Priya then took sip from her glass.

They both kept the glass on table. They both pulled each other & went to the center of the room.

They started dancing. It was fast music so they couldn’t do it erotically but they got enough chance to grind their ass on each other.

Priya pushed her ass on his dick frequently. I was busy with my camera.

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Then that song ended. Hey, it is hot. Saying this Sam took out his shirt.

Now he was in jeans & vest only. Next song was too fast beats.

They both enjoyed dancing. His hands continuously squeezed her body.

Soon they lost interest in beats.