Unforgettable experience with my Aunty

My heart beat rose because if she tell this to anyone my entire good image will lose. Then after sometimes she came to my room and asked about my parents. I told her about the marriage. She sat on the chair looking at me. She was so nervous then. She was sweating. She then stood up and told me she was going. I once more said sorry for her. She then came and hold my hands and said “its all right”. From her eyes I came to know she was totally perplexed. But I stayed calm. Then she came to notice the cover of the cd, which I was seeing. In the cover there was pictures of girls fucking. I suddenly took it and throw it down my bed. She then said bye and went.

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After that I felt so sad and ashamed. I lost my entire mood then. I called her by phone in the evening and said sorry again. She told me don’t be upset and invited me to her home for dinner. But I hadn’t the courage to face her again. So I refused her call saying that I have had my food in the fridge.

That night I was alone in my home and I masturbate many times thinking of my aunt and watching cds. On the next day morning about 7.00 A.M I heard the doorbell ringing. I was sleeping then .I got up and opened the door. It was my aunt. I am surprised to see her in the early morning. I never expected her then. She came in with a packet of bread and butter and said that it was for my breakfast. She was in a nightee then and she was looking soo sexy like a sex goddess. She then went to the kitchen and put some tea and bought it to my room. She talked to me casually that nothing had happened last day. After sometimes she stood up and went to the bathroom, which is attached to my room.

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My God………., I am shocked then …In my bathroom I dropped all my ‘juice’ of last night’s masturbation and I didn’t washed it. There was a smell also. She suddenly came back from the bathroom with a smile in her face and told me whether I am tired of the last nights work. I felt ashamed. She looked at my face and asked me if I am satisfied. I am shocked hearing this and stayed there without saying anything. I never expect that from my aunt. My ‘thing’ got erect then. She noticed it. I suddenly walked to the bathroom but on the way she hold me in my arms and said silently in my ears that she will help me. .

It was a license for me also to have a play with her. I saw a new sparkle in her eyes. I am not able to control anymore. She again gave me a sexy smile and didn’t tell me anything She was standing right in front of me in a light green nightee through I can see her two boobs bulging out and that made me out of control. I was very much tempted. She was breathing so deeply. I suddenly hugged her. I didn’t know from where I got that courage. She also hugged me. It was my first time I am hugging a lady (in my teen age). I kissed her on her cheeks. She began to kiss me passionately. We both sat on the bed and I am so ashamed to do anything more on her. But with full of courage I again hugged her and we both lay on the bed facing each other. My one hand slowly moved caressing her back, as I held her tight against me. My stiff 8” ‘thing’ was hitting her abdominal area through my shorts.

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I was not able to control my feelings and I then got hold on her breast. I felt like an electric flow over my body. I massaged them. Ohhhhh it’s an amazing experience. My body temperature seemed to increase a bit. She also kissed me.I slowly raised her nightee up with my legs and her thigh was visible then .Her thigh was marvelous and soft. She was soo horny then. I asked her to remove her nightee and she removed it with some shy and then I untied her underskirt and removed it…ohhhhh…

She is looking like an 18-year sexy bitch in her black bra and rose panties. She then suddenly got hold over my ‘thing’ over my shorts. It was hard like a rod. I removed my shorts and then I was totally nude. She was surprised to see my cock and said that I have had a cock bigger than her husband. It was stiff hard and big.

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She slowly moved her mouth to my manhood .She hold my ‘thing’ in her hand and made it move to and fro. I was in full excitement. With some shy she tasted the pre cum on its tip. She was breathing deep and I can feel the heat of her breath on my fully erected ‘thing’. She began to play on it. I can’t explain my feelings. I have then my first sex experience with my aunt…Ohhhhhhhhh… . Each time she sucked it, I could feel my ‘thing’ hitting the back of her throat and felt myself getting nearer to the orgasm.