Sleeping Husband

I bobbed for about fifteen seconds, maybe thirty, before he reassured me, “This trip isn’t the end.”

I nodded, acting like a firm mother, “it better not be, young man.”

“I’m serious,” he said, as he put his cock back away, back to his confident dominant self, “I’m not sure how, but I expect you available for me when I need you.”

“What do you want me to do, move into your dorm room and be your full service, three hole cum deposit?” I asked, liking the nasty talk and imagining what I just described to be a great porn video.

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He nodded, “That sounds perfect.”

“What sounds perfect?” Alex asked, coming out of the bathroom.

Cory quickly covered, “Mom promised to come and see me in a couple of weeks to make sure I am settled.”

“She did?” Alex asked perplexed, knowing we had plans for the next while.

I nodded, “Honey, I can’t be gallivanting around the country not knowing if Cory is getting his basic needs fulfilled.” Again unable to avoid the innuendo.

“He’s an adult now,” Alex pointed out. “He’s quite capable of living on his own.”

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“Alex,” I said in a tone I only used when I wanted him to understand clearly the conversation had already been decided. “I need to be able to check on him. I won’t be able to enjoy the trip if I’m always worried about my son.”

“So you want to cancel the trip?” Alex asked.

“Adapt it,” I answered. “Just do something that doesn’t take us states away from Cory.”

Alex looked at Cory for help, but Cory didn’t bite.

“Fine,” Alex said, trying to be sympathetic even though it was obvious he was annoyed, “We can hit a few spots nearby and do a circle trip back here.”

“Great,” I nodded, then yawned. “I’m exhausted. A full day of backseat riding wore me out.”

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Cory added, trying not to laugh at the bluntness of my statement, “Yeah, it was a long, hard ride.”

“Well, tomorrow is a shorter drive,” Alex said.

“Is it?” I asked, sounding disappointed, because I was.

“Oh yeah, we are only about five hours away, we made really good time today,” Alex informed us.

That meant I only had five more hours of Cory’s cock. I lied, “Well, that’s good.”

“Then our boy becomes a man,” Alex said, patting him on a back.

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I thought to myself, ‘Trust me! He is already a man’.

Cory joked, “Is there a ceremony for manhood?”

Alex laughed, “No, but hundreds of new women.”

This made me jealous, which was ludicrous. He was my son. This was temporary. I suddenly realized any plans I had of visiting and fucking were just temporary measures of pleasure that delayed the inevitable. He would find a girlfriend. He would get married. And I… I would get older.

Ironically, empty nest syndrome seemed to hit me right then and there… when I realized I wouldn’t always be able to be fucked by my son.

I broke down in tears.

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“What’s wrong, honey?” Alex asked, coming to me as I actually collapsed on the bed in a sudden emotional mess.

“My only boy is leaving me,” I blabbered through heavy sobs.

Alex comforted me, “He’s just going to college, not to the moon.”

“I know,” I sobbed.

Cory added, “It’s okay, Mom. You can come and check on me any time you want.”

“Thank you,” I said, as I calmed down. “It’s just, you’re my only son.”

As Alex rubbed my back like the caring husband he is, my guilt only increased at my betrayal to him. Yet, that guilt was overridden by my complete lust for my son.

Shit, I was a complete mess.

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Eventually, I calmed down and we watched the news and went to bed. As usual, in a few minutes Alex was snoring.

As I lay there, I felt guilt. I felt lost. And I felt horny. True, these emotions didn’t usually go hand in hand, yet the reality was those were the emotions tearing me apart.

Yet, like in the car, it was lust that took control.

I glanced over to the other bed. Cory was facing the opposite way.

I glanced back at my husband, he was definitely fast asleep.

A wicked idea suddenly popped into my head. The idea of fucking my son with my husband so close by had become quite a turn on, and with only a few hours left to play with his glorious dick, I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. I decided to quell my guilt, by adding onto it.

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I slowly got out of bed, took off my panties, checked to see if Alex moved, he didn’t, and moved to Cory’s bed.

Cory rolled onto his back and smiled with a slightly surprised look, “You really can’t get enough.”

“Mommy wants your dick,” I answered, as I crawled under the sheets and directly to his flaccid cock.

I pulled his underwear off and took his cock in my mouth. I had always loved the feeling of a cock growing in my mouth. I loved the magic of it. I loved the power that it was growing because of me and I loved the sensation as it hardened in my mouth.

Once hard, I began bobbing. I wasn’t sure if I planned to just blow him, or if I actually planned to fuck him.

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“Balls,” he whispered, after he was completely hard.

I took his cock out of my mouth and I repositioned myself to obey the order. I then took turns sucking each big ball in my mouth.

I then returned to his cock. I bobbed for a couple of minutes, enjoying the oddly relaxing position, even though my husband was in the next bed. The car, the bathroom, the glory hole were all uncomfortable positions and places. Now I could worship this cock like it deserved to be worshipped in the comfort of a bed for only the second time.

I took my time, wanting this to last as long as possible, knowing that time wasn’t infinite.

“Shit Mom, you really are an amazing slut,” he groaned.

Oddly, that was the hottest thing anyone had ever said to me. I moaned on his cock in response, before he whispered, “Come up here and lie on your back.”

“You going to fuck Mommy while Daddy sleeps?” I asked, talking like a naughty porn star.

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I got onto my back as Cory moved under the sheets and between my legs and said, “First, I need to have a bedtime snack.”

I moaned as his tongue made contact with my pussy. Alex didn’t go down ever which was always one thing that perturbed me about him, so having Cory’s tongue lapping away felt amazing. I put my hands gently on his head as I lay back and enjoyed getting eaten out.

And Cory, like me a moment earlier, took his time between my legs. He explored every inch of my pussy as he teased me everywhere.

He flicked my clit once.

He spread my pussy lips wide.

He kissed my inner thigh.

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He slid his tongue down and to my asshole.

He was driving me wild as his tongue used my body like a canvas and I was his Moaning Mommy.

–to be continued–