Sujata gets fucked by servant Raghav

Keep on banging..keep it going…chodte raho mujhe Raghav..I screamed in delight and pleasure. I was enjoying it throughly. All of a sudden Raghav pulled his cock out, lifted and turned me upside down and placed me on all fours. He separated both my legs and pushed his cock inside my pussy from behind and started to ram and thrust me.

Raghav was lovingly, caringly but strongly pumping his massive cock inside my cunt…My pleasure and enjoyment knew no bounds and I kept on screaming in delight. aaahhaahhhh… hmmmmmummmm.. Raghav, mere yaar, mera dost…mujhe chodo…chodo.. tumhaare lund ka koi jawaab nahin…. Kya mast chudai hai… ooohhh…aaaahhhhh…Chodo…fuck me…fuck me…aaahhh…uuhhh.

Jam ke mujhe chodo Raghav… “ Raghav’s balls were hitting my G-spot and was creating a multiplying effect of enjoyment. With another hand he was tickling my ass-hole gently. He spit some saliva onto my ass-hole and started to rub it and it was giving me a heavenly pleasure. I had never imagined that ass-hole could also be a tool for sex.

But it was sensational feeling to have his finger in my ass and his lund fully embedded into my cunt. My cunt was now getting more wet with lubrication. Mujhe buhat maja aa raha tha. Raghav ne ab zor se dhake marne shuru kardiye ;woh mujhe buhat bedardi se chod raha tha. Uska majboot lund engine ka piston ki tarah andar-baahar ho raha tha.

Mere mummay uske haath mey the, jinhe woh khoob zor zor se masal raha tha. Beech beech mein, Raghav apne ungli meri gaand ke andar-baahar kar raha tha. Woh meri khoob chudai kar raha tha. Main bhi neeche se, gaand uchka-uchka kar dhakke maar rahi thi. Mujhe chodte hue 30 minute hogaye, lekin woh abhi tak nahi jhara tha main 30 minute main 2 baar jhar chuki thi.

Lekin woh ruk nahi raha tha aur khob zor se meri chudai main laga hua tha. Pure kamre main humdono ki zor zor ki siskariya aur aahain aur chudai ki awaz goonj rahi thi AHHHHHHH, UMMMMMMMM. Meri choot bilkul geeli hogayi thi aur chudai karte samay khoob “chhap chhap – Phuchh-Phuchh” ki awaz lagataar goonj rahi thi. Hum dono paseeney main naha rahe thei, lekin rukne ka naam nahi le rahe the.

We both were like a dog and bitch and Raghav was clasping me like a bitch and was pounding me. I was in seventh heaven. I had never been fucked like this before. Ussne mere dono chuttar haath se pakre hue the aur ungli meri gaand ke ched par jaadu kar rahe they, aur khub jor jor se apna lund andar-baahar kar raha tha. Main phir jharne wali thi.

Maine apni raftar tej kardi AHHHHAHHHHHHH “Raghav main jharne wali hoon AHHHH UMMMMMMMMMMMM, Main josh se zor zor se siskariya bhar rahi thi aur khushi sey chilla rahi thi. Poore kamre main meri aahain goonj rahi thi lekin mujhe kuch hosh nahi tha AHHHHHHH Raghav main jhar rahi hoonnnnnnnnnnn ummmmmmm aahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh.”And then I came, again and again.

Karib 45 minute ke baad Raghav ne bhi apni raftar aur tej kardi aur khoob teiji se mujhe chodne laga. Main samajh gayi ke woh ab jharne wala hai. Main bhi khoob jor se dhake marne lagi. Thori der main uske moon se josh se awaz nikalne lagi.Main phir sey jharne wali thi aur khoob zor se awaz nikaal rahi thi.

Raghav ne aik zor ka dhakka mara aur apni lund geherai tak mere under daldi. Hum dono ek saath jhar rahe thei.Raghav ne pichkaari ki tarah apna sara veerya meri choot main nikal diya. Meri choot uske veerya se bhar gayi thi. I started to lie down on my face, with Raghav’s cock still embedded inside my cunt. Raghav was sleeping on me and started to lick my shoulders and back.

At the same time his semen was still coming out inside me in small bursts. After some rest we both got up and went to kitchen. We had some milk with dry fruits. We both were hungry after our very long love session so we ate and became reenergized again. We both then went to sleep with his big cock inside me.

Next day we woke up, had breakfast together, took shower together and both of us were nude inside the house. We had nothing to worry as there was no one to come at the house. We stayed naked the whole day. While we both were having bath together. First, I was soaping him fully. His shoulders, back and then when he turned to face me, I was rubbing his chest and applied soap over the full length and width of his mighty 10” cock.

His mighty cock was again ready and standing upto its full glory. It was his turn and he was bathing me with soap.He was rubbing soap on my buttocks, in my ass creek and was tickling my ass-hole. All of a sudden, Raghav said “ Memsahab, ek ched mein lund ghusaana toh bhool gaye hum dono” Raghav ne apne ungli meri gaand ke ched mein ghusate hua bola “ Yahaan memsahib”.

I was horrified and said “Nahin Raghav, mujhe bahut dard hoga aur maine kabhi bhi gaand nahin marwaaya hai”. He said… ”Memsahab, shuru mein thoda darad hoga, parantu uske baad jitna mazaa aayega, aap hamesha gaand maarne ki hi baat karogi…mujh par vishwaas rakhiye…bahut mazaa aayega aapko aur mujhe bhi.

Saying this he asked me to bend over the bath tub, got some oil from the shelf and liberally applied oil inside my arse-hole with his thick finger. I screamed in pain…. Seeing me in pain, Raghav then lifted my ass in the air and poured oil into my asshole. He also took some Vaseline and pushed Vaseline inside my ass.

Gradually his finger started to go in freely inside my ass and my pain reduced. I started to gradually enjoy his finger inside my ass and asked him to pour some more oil inside. After this, I mixed oil and Vaseline and put it liberally onto his mighty cock so that it became soft and slippery. He asked me to bend once again like a dog/bitch and mounted me from behind.

Raghav placed his huge cock on the entrance of my ass-hole and gently gave a push. His cock head had gone inside but it was paining me immensely. So Raghav took it out and applied more Vaseline on his cock-head. A little more pressure and nearly 4” of Raghav was inside my ass. He kept it there for some time, while with his hands he was fondling my breasts and fingering my cunt & clitoris.

My cunt was oozing and liquid was dripping from my cunt. It was a great sensation to be fucked in your ass. Raghav was right. Ass fucking is a great and novel idea. Raghav pressed more and almost 8 “ of his meat pole was sliding inside my ass with ease. Raghav noticed this and also my pleasure and gradually started to increase his thrusts slowly and steadily with regular pace.