Sujata gets fucked by servant Raghav

My eyes were closed but I could feel his strong hands on my buttocks going up and down and kneading them like flour. I opened my eyes and saw that he was enjoying it too. I could see the hunger of sex in his eyes. Occasionally, he was also feeling horny and rubbing his cock from the top of his lungi slowly.

He said “Memsahib aur kaha lagaoo?” I said Raghav “Thora neeche mere jaangho ke andar be massage karo. Bahut dard ho rahi hai”. He moved his hands more towards my inner thighs. I could feel his hand some inches away from my wet cunt. I was enjoying it thoroughly. I asked Raghav to massage some more cream on my back and ass-cheeks as it was paining from my fall.

I removed my blanket and lifted my short nighty. I was completely naked in front of him.He slowly put some cream in his hand and start massaging my buttocks. He was getting bolder and squeezing them gently. My cunt was soaking wet and was oozing. I could see he was ready to join me in bed any second. He was now touching my cunt and I could feel his fingers on my soft shaved pussy.

Raghav was getting bolder. Slowly he started playing with my clitoris and inserted one finger in my cunt. I said “Yeh kya kar rahe ho” he said ‘Mem sahib, aapke badan ka saara dard door kar doonga. “I was enjoying it so much, I just closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure. Raghav started to increase the speed of his finger inside my vagina. My cunt was wet and fully lubricated.

Suddenly Raghav said “ Memsaab,Main apne aap ko kaabu mein nahin rakh paa raha hoon. I told Raghav “ Theek hai, mujhe bhi bahut mazaa aa rahaa hai..isliye main kuch nahin boloongi…par,vaada karo ki tum bhi kisiko kuchh nahi bataoge.” He agreed. I knew that he was a villager and must be very raw with sex.

I turned on my back, smiled sheepishly and pulled him on top of me. He started sucking my boobs. He was sucking them, and soaking them with his tongue and also kneading my breasts with both hands.My nipples were fully erect.He was pinching my nipples which made me more wet. He stood up, removed his shirt and joined me again in bed. Now he was wearing only a lungi.

I slowly pushed him down towards my pussy. He knew what I wanted and started licking it. Till now my cunt was full of my juices, Raghav meri choot buhat teizi se chaat raha tha. Sometimes he slowly bit my clitoris and kissed and sucked on it. I was moaning uncontrollably. I was holding Raghav’s head between my legs. I was thrusting his face hard into my pussy.

At one time, he thrust his tongue deep in my pussy hole and I screamed with pleasure. My moanings were becoming louder AHHHHHHH UMMMMMM. Meri awaz sunkar woh aur josh main akar meri choot chatne laga. After a while I started moving faster. I was ready to cum and a huge orgasm was building up.

Raghav started licking me harder and faster and then with a large moan and scream of joy, I came. I thrust Raghav’s face deep in my pussy and held him tightly there. I was moving my pussy up and down as if I was fucking his face. Voices of pleasure were coming out of my mouth AaaaaaaaaaHHHHHH….oooohhhhh…hmmmummmmmmm.

Bahut mazaa aa raha hai Raghav….I sighed. Raghav started to push his tongue deeper inside my vagina and I splurged my first big orgasm. He came up and said “Memsahib apki choot buhat naram hai aur uska maza bhi lajawab hai” I said “Raghav ab yeh choot aajse tumhari hai, tumhein jo karna hai tum iske saath karo”.

He then threw open his lungi and out sprang his massive cock. I was awestruck. I was scared and also overjoyed. Hesitantly, I took it into my hands. It was jet black with all its veins protruding. The cock was about 8” long with an additional 2 inches of its mushroom sized head. I was admiring its length and girth. Suddenly Raghav asked me to suck his lund which was fully erect.

He said “Memsaab, kya aap meri lund ko apne muh mein lekar choosogi? Kya main aapko mooh mein chod sakta hoon?. I said…”Raghav, main chaahti hoon ki tum mujhe meri har chhed mei chodo…tabhi mujhe chain milega”. I obliged him and started sucking his massive 10” pole. I was licking it and sucking it as it was huge ice cream cone.

I was slowly caressing his huge balls with my other hand I kept on sucking and licking him all over the length of his dick and also took his balls inside my mouth.Uske moo se dabi dabi siskariyan nikal rahi thi. AHHH…aaahhh… he kept on moaning and after 30 minutes of good sucking he start to moan louder. I knew than that he is about to cum.

I start to suck him faster and tried to take his full cock in my mouth. His cock hardened and after few minutes he ejaculated his semen in spurts and his spurts kept on coming . He emptied his entire load in my mouth and my mouth was full of his juices. He came for about 30 seconds continuously and I greedily swallowed every bit of his juice. I kissed him full on his lips. He was awesome and had the stamina of a horse.

After sucking Raghavs dick clean, I felt very horny and was now ready for a good long session of raw sex. Raghav sucked my boobs for some time, then again licked my cunt. I was again soaking wet. He then stood near the bed, pulled me to the edge of the bed, opened my legs wide, and holding his lock cock placed its mushroom head on my pussy and tickled my clitoris with it.

After some time he placed his cock-head on my vaginal opening and gently pushed his cock inside. He never imagined that a person like him will have sex with a girl like me. Raghav then slowly thrust his big lund in me. I sighed with pleasure.I said, “Raghav tumhara lund itna bara hai yeh mere under kaise jayega – meri choot to phat jayegi”.

In response he smiled and thrust his dick fully in my pussy. I screamed in pain and pleasure. His entire 10 inches had slided into my hole. He stopped again and started sucking my boobs. At the same time he was slowly moving his dick in and out, which was completely and deep inside me. For the first time, I felt that a complete man was inside my cunt.

His huge cock had engulfed every bit of space inside my vagina and it was a sensuous feeling of fullness inside me. In short it was indescribable and heavenly pleasure. Now I had started to enjoy his cock inside me and Raghav was sucking my boobs hungrily and at the same time he was thrusting his massive pole in and out of me.

He pulled out half his length and then he thrust all of his dick deep inside me – he stayed there for a while then took half of his dick out from my pussy and give another large thrust. I screamed with pain and delight. My cunt was full with his long and thick lund. His massive cock was touching all the walls of my inside cunt and the sensation was heavenly.

Raghav stayed still for a while than he started to caress my boobs,my buttocks, ass-creeks and was also kissing my lips and rolling his tongue inside me. He was slowly moving in and out of my pussy and at the same time was thrusting deeper and deeper. I was loving every bit of this great fucking and Raghav didnt stop. He kept on moving in and out. I was enjoying his magnificient cock.

The sounds of “chhapp…chap… chhapp…chhapp..” of his cock pounding my cunt and balls slamming against my buttocks were reverberating in the empty house. I was moaning loudly with pleasure but there was no one to listen as whole house was empty. “AHHHHHHHHHHH Raghav”, “ chodo mujhe, aur zor se chodo,,,fuck me…fuck me…deeper…harder.