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We came back took and bath, I requested him to have drinks with me which he agreed. We had drinks together and had dinner. During dinner, he thanked me for allowing me to accompany him and he told that he had a good time with her as she is a great help to him.

He requested me to allow him to be with us so that he could get help from my wife.
At night she told me that the boy was really charming and she likes the innocent look of the boy. She also told me to change our sight-seeing plan and to go to one falls where he could collect samples. We also planned to take bath there as it was a hot water spring.
We started a bit around eight in the morning. She dressed in normal salwar and top. We reached the place and went down and took our bath. After the bath, she changed into a skirt and a sleeve less top. While coming up myself and my son went up very fast but they lagged behind for collecting bio-samples..

We moved up and waited there for hours till they come back. At last, I found that they were coming and she was limping a bit and coming slowly putting her hand on the boy’s shoulder. She told me that she fall down and got injured in her legs and some cut made in her legs. She also told me that nothing more has happened as the boy hold her quickly but there was some sprain in her knee.
We came back and meet with a doctors and who confirmed that it was a simple sprain and advised rest of half day. The doc gave her some pain killer and one pain balm to spray. In the afternoon she told that she would not go out but due to my son’s urging I went to visit one temple.
Since the boy did not have any interest in temple he did not accompany us and moreover he was feeling guilty for that incident.

We came back around 7 pm and found that the boy was in our room and they were chatting and laughing. I noticed some change in her face and she was blushing.

In the night after dinner I sat with her in the balcony and told her to tell me in detail how the incident happened.

She told me she teased the boy a bit and it started when she was taking bath in the spring, we were bathing in a common place but she managed to move to a shed under a tree the boy also followed her to have a glimpse of her assets. As she noticed that she gave a good show to him of her boobs while changing.

While collecting the samples they moved a little bit off track and she accidentally falls on him while collecting the sample, he also falls on the ground and she was on him. He without missing the chance grabbed her and smooched her lips and that lasted for few minutes, he clamped her buttocks too under the skirt and touched her pussy also. Her boobs are smashed in her chest. He then quickly moved on her and softly started exploring her assets. But as she got injured in her knees and some injury she had in her upper thighs, she cried in pain and the boy immediately released her. She told me that the boy has also cupped her boobs while she came back taking his support on his shoulder.
I asked her what happened in this afternoon – why u are so blushing – She told me that the boy came to our room around 5.00 pm and started apologizing with folded hands for such morning incidence and also bowed down. My wife consoled her and told him to forget what has happened. Then they started chatting for some time. The boy praised my wife for her assets and requested her to allow him to do apply the pain balm on her legs and to express some gratitude to her. My wife expressed that she was completely dumb hearing that and became silent.

Then he came to her bed and without talking anything lifted her sleeping gown and touches those places where she got an injury and by this process he opens up her upper thighs till the base level and slowly moved his shivering hand on her bases and complemented her for such a beautiful sweet spot. Then he started rubbing her base and told her that my wife was the first lady he had seen nude and started licking her bases after seeking her permission. My wife told me that it was a completely different sensation that what she had in bheraghat. He licked her wildly for at least half hour and my wife had multiple orgasms. He then inserted his finger for a finger fuck and also sucked and played with her boobs too.

He then requested her to allow him to fuck her… my wife became perplexed … then her mobile rang and it was me and then I told her that I would be coming within 5-10 minutes. She got her sense back and denied the boy. Then he somehow agreed and they got separated…. This is the reason of her blushing. She told me that she felt sorry for the boy as he liked his softness and innocence of the boy very much and wanted to satisfy him.