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Gradually I removed each and every hair and uncovered the sexiest part of my wife. I shot a video clip close up of my wife’s pussy from my mobile. (which I forwarded to the, but the editor could not place it on web as he felt it was a bit dark,

As the shadow of the mobile was on her pussy). As I shaved her she got up and asked me to take off her bra and make her complete nude, saying “suno na.. Muze nanga kar do, meri ye bra ke andar se mere boobe bahar aane ko machal rahe haon, inhe nikaal do aur chuus lo,Muze jawani ka mazaa de do”. She was completely charged up. I did the same and while I was taking off her bra, her boobs were towards the window where Shyam was standing and he saw the mesmerizing view of boobs coming out of bra.

I stared sucking her boobs and pressing them. I was so excited today as I knew we’ve been watched live. Then I stood up on one side (next to the window) and asked Sweety to bend down like a bitch and suck my cock.

As she was doing it Shyam was getting a complete view of both of us and Sweety sucking me. I signed Shyam to ask “how’s it?”

And he signed back “Wow..and also show the ass”. I got on the bed and lie down and asked Sweety to suck me while standing.She stood up and bend from to suck my cock while I was on bed. Her ass was touching the window and Shyam was enjoying such a closer look of her ass as I asked Sweety to spread her ass apart.

Then I made her lie on the bed and started sucking her pussy. Sweety likes this the most. I kept on licking her clitoris and she was moving her ass up and down with excitement unless she reached an orgasm.Shyam was continuously watching her every acting right from her eyes, face, boobs, waist, pussy to her legs and was stroking his penis outside. After her first orgasm, Sweety got up and went inside the toilet for.

Meanwhile I reached the window and asked Shyam how did he find it all and what he wants to see next? He asked me to fuck her in various positions and make sure that we are close to the window and as we were facing window, we should keep the position same, and I agreed to it.And here came Sweety, nude, Sex Goddess. She came and lied on the bed and asked me to fill her “empty” space with my 8” cock. And I refused, saying you have to please me for that and your pussy has to invite me. She was again lying close to window and facing window.

She took two pillows and placed them below her waist to give her pussy some height. She spread her legs apart and spread her pussy apart with both the hands, Oh My Goodness.. That was the scene of the night.Her Pink Pussy was so inviting that I could not stop myself and Shyam (when later I spoke to him) said that was the best scene he saw that night. I went over her and stated pounding her. She has a real tight pussy.

And then Sweety asked me to come down as she wanted to ride me. I did the same and now she was riding me like anything. Shyam was going bonkers looking at her. Sweety kept on riding me up and down, forward and backward, round and round,And she took her complete energy to get me to her G Point and she got her second Orgasm. But, I didn’t stopped and kept pumping her pussy and she was on the seventh heaven. Now it was my time to get to the “destination” and I asked to do her the “Doggy” style.

And again her ass was looking at the window and I got the rare entry. I fucked her like mad and after few mins. I changed our positing side wise so that Shyam can have a complete look from the right side and while fucking her I again asked him “Whats’s next?” And he signed me on top of her”. I did the same and got back in the first position. Sweety’s pussy was facing the window, over the pillow and I was riding her and here it goes. As Sweety does not like to swallow, I released all my cum inside her tight pussy and fell over her.

This was a fuck of the Life Time. I got up after 5 Mins, put on my clothes and went outside to get some cold water (that’s what I told Sweety) and went over to Shyam, who was still “amazed” on what he has seen tonight. He wanted to have Sweety at any cost,But that’s something I couldn’t do. He kept on telling me what all he liked of Sweety, her hairless Inviting Pussy, her Sexy boobs, Sweety riding me and her amazing round shape ass. We had to leave the next day, and Shyam kept on requesting us to stay for one more day.

Next morning when we were ready to move, Shyam kept on coming to our room for some or the other reason to watch Sweety, and I could see he was staring at Sweety’s Boobs, and was desperate to have one more look without clothes. Shyam got the “best tip” of his lifetime .