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She told me since it was weekend she directly sent her children from school to her mother’s house and her husband was out on a business tour and will be coming the next weekend. I hit the jackpot. She asked me if I wanted some water I said yes and she asked me to join her in kitchen. I followed her I had a gulp of water and she shot her question like a bullet,she asked me if I was virgin I said yes for which she had a huge smile on her face.

She slowly came towards me undid her bathrobe and licked my earlobe and whispered “I’m going to rob your treasure” I replied it’s all yours babe make me your slave.I hugged her and squeezed her ass for which I surprisingly got a tight slap.I was shocked,she told me that I’m her slave and she’s my mistress I loved it.It was a dream come true.She took my words seriously and got into action.

She asked me get down on my hands and knees like a dog with my tongue out of my mouth.I without wasting time I obeyed her orders.

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She with an evil smile told me that I’ll have to do anything she says and if I deny she’ll punish me I nodded my head in agreement.She spat on her foot and order to me lick it clean I did it and I loved the taste of her saliva. She asked me to follow her to dining table.

She made chicken for dinner and I was really very hungry and was very happy hearing that.I got up to sit for my dinner she slapped me very hard that I fell on the floor.She shouted,”Did I ask you to get up?”I said no mam she kicked me in my stomach and ordered me to undress myself I readily did and got back in my position.

She complimented me for having a clean shave and good thick dick and she told that I have a reward for that. I was happy to listen to this.She started eating her food and I was sitting there near her feet like a loyal dog.

She suddenly kicked me I looked up she spat the entire food in her mouth directly on my face and started laughing and told me that this is my food for TGIF night I took the food with my hands from my face and started eating then she voluntarily puked on the floor and ordered me to lick it clean.I at first said no for which she really got pissed and took an eaten leg piece and started to shove it up my ass I was shouting in pain and at the same time, I was enjoying to be a slave.

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I started licking the floor she took that piece from my ass and ordered to me lick it along with my food (her vomiting) it was gross but the only thing mattered to me was me being her slave I licked everything and was exhausted.

She suddenly pushed her toe into my mouth and order me to lick her I was doing it like an obedient dog.

Finally, she got naked after getting her toe licked by me.She had a hairy pussy and also hairy underarms she asked me to follow her and I did.She took me to her bathroom and slapped me very hard almost tears rolled out of my eyes.She shouted “Don’t you know bitch?, you’ll be my toilet from now”.I understood and opened my mouth she peed in my mouth and I drank a woman’s pee for the first time and my dick was getting hard after that she ordered me to shave her pussy and I was in my work and she was continuously spitting on me.

I completed shaving her hairy pussy she then ordered me to lick her hairy armpits which very hesitatingly I agreed to do while I was licking her armpits my phone started ringing in the hall.She answered the call it was my mom she told my mom that I’ll be spending my weekend her and my mom hesitatingly agreed for that.

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She then asked me to shave her armpits when I completed doing that she took all the hair from the floor and stuffed into my mouth and started laughing like a witch. My eyes filled with tears she slapped me hard for that and asked me if I wanted water I nodded in agreement she asked me to open her mouth I understood what’s going to happen she peed in my mouth and I drank it completely.

She caressed my hair and said good work bitch.She then pushed me on the bed and sat on my she started to slap my dick it was paining a lot as it was fully erect and at the same time, I was giving me pleasure too.

She pulled the skin on my dick back and kissed my dick head which was already oozing of my pre-cum and she suddenly took my entire dick into her mouth and started blowing me.

Oh, my god, this first experience of a blow job was giving me the immense pleasure she started sucking me hard and hard and was playing with my balls after 5-10 mins of sucking I told her that I was about to cum. She increased the pace and I shot my entire load in her mouth. She happily drank it and said that though her husband dick was bigger than mine his dick never gave her this pleasure.

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She came towards my face and sat on my face with her asshole facing my mouth. I understood she was getting wilder she ordered me to open my mouth and I did surprisingly she started to shit in my mouth I tried escaping but she held me firmly and did what she wanted to she then took me the washroom and asked me to lick her asshole clean which I readily did.

She took me back to bedroom sat on me with my dick in her pussy and started to ride me.She took my hands and shouted to squeeze the shit out of her boobs and even I was getting wilder and started squeezing her boobs pinching her dark nipples and pulling them and she was screaming like a wild cat and even l started to moan and she started moaning “Fuck me baby aaaahh tear my pussy you fucker aaahh baby harder honey harder” I was spanking her boobs and she collapsed on me.

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I could feel her pussy lips contracting and even I was about cum she accepted to take my cum in her as she wanted to feel my warm semen I shot my cum and bite her boob so hard that it started bleeding then she passionately kissed and thanked me for that beautiful night.She told me that she wanted me to stay inside her for the rest of the night and we cuddled for some time and fell asleep.