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My mom’s heart beat was high on because of that her boobs went up and down. He was slowly moving his finger from neck to her cleavage. He inserting his finger inside the saree from top. While he reached my mom’s boobs. He licked my mom’s ear lobes. Slowly he bite that. My mom was speechless at that time. My mom had sex two years back. Mariappa knew my mom was straving for sex since she did it very long back.

Mariappa used that and induced my mom’s sexual feeling. It seems my mom was ready to do anything for Mariappa.

The chain was on top of cleavage. He took the chain with his finger. While take it he rubbed his finger all over her boobs.

After took the chain. He moved my mom’s saree little bit and make the cleavage visible. He hold the one end of chain and slowly insert the other end into her cleavage.

My mom was enjoying his sexy act. He put that chain into cleavage deeply. He pushed his chain to the last by his index finger. While doing this my mom hold his hair tightly at the same time he gave kisses all over neck and shoulders.

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My mom didn’t want to break this. So she kept silent. Again Mariappa went near. My mom’s ear and asked still you want me to take the chain and wear it on your neck. A big yessss from my mom but in sexy voice.

For that I have to remove ur blouse, can I? My mom replied do whatever you want.

Mariappa was overjoyed and removed her pallu. Now my mom was standing only on her blouse and petticoat and saree was in floor. My mom completely forgot me.

I was wondering how dare she was doing like this in front of her son. But Mariappa saw me and called. He asked do you want to see how your mom enjoying. I said yes. He asked me to get inside room and before that he asked me close the front door.

I closed the door and ran into bedroom. He smiled at me and continuing his act. My mom always wore saree above her navel. So Mariappa moved her petticoat down and make it visible. He was surprised when my mom petticoat reavel the beautiful thing in the world.

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He hold my mom waist and rubbing it. My mom started to make noises. He pressed my mom’s waist gentle. My mom moaning ahhhhh.

Mariappa moved his finger towards mom’s belly area. Meanwhile his cock was getting rock hard on. He was in lungi that day. He didn’t wear any underwear. It pointed directly towards my mom’s ass crack. He pressed his penis on my mom’s crack and hitting it.

Mom asked Mariappa to get the chain. Mariappa was smiling and asked so you wanted me to play with ur boobs now

My mom replied please Mariappa it was waiting for you. Mariappa placed his hands over my mom’s boobs and tracking it’s curve. He pressed it softly. My mom hold his hands on her boobs and pressed it tightly.

Mariappa tracing the nipples on her blouse which was already erected by his act. He started to unhook her blouse. He unhooked top two buttons and stopped. He decided to take the chain by his tongue. He turned my mom and kissed all over faces. Still my mom closing her eyes. Mariappa asked me to hide somewhere. I hide behind almirah. From that, I can see everything.

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