Unforgettable Sex with Mother in Law

She was in her petticoat and blouse only, I was pressing her balls and tried to un hook her blouse, she slow downed her speed and

I opened her blouse, now she was in her black bra and a wet yellow petticoat and open silky hairs.

She was looking like whore and It was feeling so exotic to fuck my mil on bed with my wife sleeping besides.

It was the best experience of my life. Then after 15 minutes she told me that I am going to cum and bed sheet will be wet lets go to bath room, I said no let it be wet even I am going to cum on which she said.

Explode your everything in my hole. Fill me with your love

And we both exchanged our juices and she fall on me and we rested for some 30 minutes kissing each other and cuddling and rubbing our bodies. Then I said that lets go to your bed room I want to fuck you on your bed with fil sleeping besides.

She said ok,

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And I lifted her and took her down stairs in her bed room, besides her husband and my fil. She assured that he was sleeping and removed the knot of her petticoat, now she was wearing a bra only, she lay on bed parallel to my fil, spread her legs wide open and directed my mouth into her pussy.

I understood what she wants and parted her pussy lips and inserted my tongue inside.

She was in immense pleasure and caught hold of my hair and pushed me more in. She wrapped her legs around my head.

It was wet and I made no mistake in cleaning it up. She moaned and said aaaahhh….ummm….i am loving it. I started biting it in between.” And she was enjoying and dancing with pleasure.

I was now literally chewing it and digging her cunt with my tongue, ramming my tongue over her love hole up and down stimulating her clitoris.

She was now getting mad and responding by moving her hips with the rhythm of my tongue.

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It continued for almost 12 minutes and she gave away all her juices screaming that I am going to cum please tear my pussy with your wild tool.

I said Let it come over me my whore, I like your juices more than that of Meenu’s. then she came with force all over my face and I kept her juice in her mouth and kissed her passing those juice in her mouth and asked her isn’t it delicious ?

She said it’s wonderful, now please fuck me don’t starve my hungry pussy I am waiting for a great memorable fucking from you, make my night memorable for life time.

I made her bend in a doggy style at edge of the bed and stood behind her, I rubbed my dick at the entrance of her ass hole and she said Not there darling, I have never had it in my ass and my ass hole is so small for your dick yours is a monster no please don’t.

I laughed at her and obeyed her and inserted my cock in her chut, I started jerking to and fro, then I bend towards her and unclasped her bra and threw it to one side.

Her nipples stood up. I cupped her beautiful boobs.

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And pressed her nipples hard, she screamed with joy, pleasure and pain “Oooooo ….fuck me… fuck me you motherfucker It so beautiful to feel your cock in my hungry pussy…. fuck me!” she moaned even louder, “Oooh …tear it…fuck it…. I need your Lund in my Gaand” she screamed and begged.

Then hearing this I got wild and started stroking my cock deep hard in her, my balls stared dashing against her pussy and she shouted “Ohh! God!”. “Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh….man….hhh….slow…..gentle…..it pains and you are so wild like a monster, but I am love it.

I was about to cum and told it to her, she said she wanted to taste it and sat in front of me with mouth wide open to have my tonic in I spilled it in her mouth, on her face and balls. She showed level of satisfaction in her eyes and hugged and kissed me.

Then She was tired and exhausted due to such wild fucking then we lay hugged to each other kissed, smooched and went for sleep on her husband’s bed till wee hours of morning.

Then she wake me up at 7am in morning and started rubbing my cock. Then till 12 at noon we had 3 shots everywhere 1 in kitchen, 1 in main hall and last one in bathroom, I was experiencing a pleasure able pain.

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From that day onward she has never let her husband to even touch her and calls me whenever she gets chance. On an average I fuck her once in a week.

I have also asked her to invite her friends for sex if anyone is interested..