Our Servant Gopal and my wife – Part 2

Once in a while Anu would come to the bedroom and then go back to the other rooms, while Gopal went on with his work of bringing down the books.

To my dissapointment, she took her bath while Gopal was bringing down the books and only later even he must have realized the same. I could hear Anu call out for Gopal from the Kitchen.. He got down from the chair and did as instructed.

The room was empty for a while and I couldn’t see or hear anything, until I heard the main door being shut. Anu had left for office and needless to say I was disappointed.

But I had other plans. I was really getting obsessed with the cam thing.

On way home I bought a couple of long USB cables.

The next day was Sunday. I could not really expect anything to happen while I was at home. Gopal was a well-behaved servant , and we had always considered ourselves lucky to have such an obedient, timid and an efficient servant at home. His present behaviour was a complete surprise to me. I could never in my wildest dreams imagine him to be like this. However to my surprise I was not feeling angry but instead the whole situation was turning me on. Though, if Anu got even an inkling, she would fire him from the job. God knows, even hand him to the police. She was perfectly capable of that.

I wasn’t expecting the weekdays to repeat itself on Sundays, but I had other plans !

I brought out the long USB cables from the packet and attached them. After joining them the length must have become atleast 10 metres . Then I took out the webcam and placed it in a small cardboard box and cut a small hole in one of its sides for the lense to stick out. Once in place, I taped the camera onto the box from inside, so that it wouldnt move or get displaced. Satisfied, I brought out my laptop and attached it to the webcam with the long cable. I connected the laptop to the net through the landline at home and tested the webcam. It worked. The test run was successful. Now it was time to put the webcamera in the right place and I waited for an opportune moment.

As Anu entered the bathroom to take her shower I sent Gopal to go to the market to buy a magazine, just a pretext to have him out of the house. The door closed and I got into action. I went to the kitchen and started scanning for a proper place where I could keep the webcam, without it being noticed. The cupboard on top of the kitchen window seemed to be an ideal place, as I could easily take out the cable from the window, without it being conspicuous. I climbed onto a chair and placed the camera in a corner on top of the cupboard and surrounded it with boxes and bottles in an attempt to camaflouge the camera. And after pulling the cable out of the window, I moved to the drawing room. I stretched out and pulled in the other end of the cable. I was just hoping Anu wouldn’t finish her bath before I was through with my work.

I brought the cable upto the cabinet where the music system was kept and deftly slithered it through the hole meant for electrical wirings to enter the cabinet. I pulled into the cabinet as much of the cable I could and then attached it to the laptop. I did the same with the phone cable and placed the laptop inside the cabinet.

My work was done !

I was feeling like a little boy, excited by his new toys. Anu finishes her bath in another few minutes and Gopal too returned with the magazine.

I informed Anu that I needed the telephone cable to test my laptop, so it wont be working the whole day. She had her mobile so she didn’t really feel a need for the landline.

I was anxiously waiting for the day to get over. Monday did finally appear.

Before leaving for my office I connected the laptop to the net and yahoo messenger.

The kitchen and bedroom was now under the surveillance of my eyes.

The first thing on reaching office was to connect my office PC to yahoo messenger.

I was hoping the laptop, which was connected through landline wouldn’t have disconnected by now.

As Yahoo Messenger got connected I saw two of my own ID’s online, one from my personal PC in the bedroom and the other from my laptop.

Excited I sat down on the chair, keeping an eye on the monitor. I requested for cameras of the both the Ids to be connected. Two windows popped up, but only one connected, the other was dark. I was disappointed. I had to see the cams one by one.

The bedroom was empty. I waited for a few minutes and then disconnected the bedroom cam and connected the one in the kitchen. Both Gopal and Anu were in the kitchen.

Anu was wearing a nightie, which she usually wears at home.

Though, I couldn’t hear anything I could make out she was giving instructions to Gopal on how to cook a particular dish.

Gopal was standing closeby and just nodding, obedient and silent as ever.

In a few minutes, Anu left the kitchen. I hurriedly changed cams and connected the one in the bedroom. I preferred the cam in the bedroom as it had audio too, being a video camera.

Anu opened one of the cupboards and took out few of her clothes. She was going for her bath and then would leave for her office. This was her daily routine.