Preacher used my Mom

These superstitious things are not real, we need to control our emotions and stay happy. I tried to feed her the breakfast I prepared. We both fed each other and while I was leaving the room mom was taking the pill. I asked her what is that for, she told it reduces the stress and make her feel good. I asked her if I could try one and then she gave me one pill. I took it, told her to rest and I will be back home early today from office so we could go out to spend some time together. She laid on the bed, I covered her with a blanket and silently left the house.

Before leaving I again looked upstairs, the front door was still locked, so I thought of finding him in the evening and put an end to this madness.

I went to the office but I was feeling very dizzy and unwell. My manager told me to take half day leave and go home. I tried maximum but I couldn’t stay so I took half day permission from my manager and went home.

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I saw the preacher was still not home yet. The door was locked. So I went near my house front door and when I was about to grab my keys, I heard sound of someone screaming.

I could hear it very low like some distance away. I looked around but there was no one. I stood there for a second and I could still hear the screaming sound very low. I went around the house as the sound was getting higher as I was walking close. I noticed the sound was coming from my mother’s room. I went near the window and tried to open it slightly to peek inside. I saw the preacher and my mother lying naked on the bed and having sex. The preacher was fucking her very hard as my mother was screaming with his hard strokes.

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He was fucking her so hard like an animal, the whole bed was rocking and making cricking sound. He was sucking her soft boobs and kissing all over her face. My mother was screaming by responding to his strokes. Soon the preacher also started moaning loudly and stroking her hard and deep. With a slow deep strokes he pause for few seconds and collapsed on her body. He was breathing heavily, then moved from her top and laid next to her. Mom was also breathing high and laid on the bed as she was naked.

I was stoned and stood there watching. After few minutes the preacher slowly moved close moving his hand on her breasts and started sucking them. I got to my senses back with full anger lost control and yelled “what the hell?” The preacher saw me standing outside the window jumped off the bed. I went back to the front door to opened the lock. It was bolted from inside. So I started kicking the door to break open. I broke the bolt and went inside yelling “you are a dead peace of shit. I will kill you.” As I walked into the bedroom the preacher was wearing his pants started begging “sorry. Please don’t hurt me, I’m really sorry.” I started beating him like hell.

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He was bleeding all over the place. I broke his jaw and few of his bones. He fell on the floor unconscious. I still kicked him and saw my mother laying on the bed naked and not in her senses. I stopped beating the preacher and went near her. She was in dizzy state and moaning my dad’s name. She was dreaming of having sex with my dad. I took a blanket and covered her body. My anger doubled I started beating the preacher and dragged him out of the bedroom and squashed him below my leg.

He was begging to stop and let him go. I threatened him if I see him again he will be dead and I gave him 5 min to get the hell out of my house. The preacher bleeding ran out of the house. I crashed on the couch crying. After some time I went back into her room, cleaned the blood and put clothes on my mother. I went back to the living room and sat on the couch.

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Few hours later mom came out walking dazzled and like not remembering anything, saw me on the couch and said “You are home? Didn’t you go to the office today?” I replied “I was not feeling well so I came home early” she came near me, sat by my side with her head on my shoulder and said ” I had a very bad dream. I can’t remember but it felt so real. I saw your dad and he was very unhappy.” I too reacted like nothing happened and asked her since when does she had dreams with dad. She replied from 2 weeks ago.

I never saw the preacher again. But, as my mother continued to be depressed I took her to a psychiatrist and had her counselled. Few months later I noticed my mother was hiding her belly. I took her to my friend’s sister a lady doctor and she told me that my mother was 5 months pregnant. When I asked her about it she told me that it was my dad who came in her dreams and gave her a child.

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I inquired about the preacher at his institute and the staff told me that he was last seen 5 months ago with several injuries and was fired from job as he had bad conduct as misbehaving and sexually harassing female staff.

No one knows where he was gone.