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Nazma applied some lotion to her son’s penis and made it slide between her breasts. Very soon he was about to come and Nazma now focussed her attention on her daughter. She went in a 69 position with her sucking her honey from her tortured pussy-lips and making her kiss her clitoris. Nazma’s bottom was in the air as she sent down on her daughter’s wet pussy.

Mubarak went mad with lust on seeing her lovely big buttocks and started kissing and biting them lightly. He then attempted to enter his mother near his sister’s tongue but Nazma put a stop to that for the time being. Getting up from her position she kissed her son on the mouth and locked herself into an embrace with him. She then found his well-lubricated penis and made it slip between her breasts. After a few strokes he came. The squirts of his semen flying around the room and covering her face, neck and chest region. They lay there for about five minutes while Nusrat hungrily ate her mother’s pussy.

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Setting her son aside for a while, Nazma looked at her daughter lovingly. “Come Honey, eat your brother’s cum from Mommy’s face, neck and boobs.” Nusrat was a little hesitant. Nazma picked up the strap and lashed it across Nusrat’s breasts. “Do as I say dear” she commanded the strap again lashing her lovely breasts and reddening them. “Yes, yes, please don’t lash me” Nusrat leapt towards her Mommy’s chest and started licking in between her breasts to eager to avoid the lash but Nazma lashed her all over her body six times more to teach her a lesson. “Will you ever disobey me again, Honey” “No, no Mommy, I am sorry” said Nusrat sucking up every drop of the semen mixed with the lubricating lotion as her body had ugly red marks all over her back and chest. The sight of his writhing sister was enough to give Mubarak a hard-on again.

After Nusrat licked the semen up, Nazma got up and looked at her son. “So you attempted to enter Mommy, did you” she looked at her son and picked up a riding crop from the closet. “You wanted to enter the place from where you came out. Well maybe we allow you that luxury in view of your lust but not before you have done your penance” So saying she started lashing her son’s back, buttocks and thighs with the crop mercilessly holding him close to her breasts. Mubarak’s senses were in total disarray. Here he was getting the worst whipping of his life, yet he was mad with lust for his own mother.

Soon the crop chastised certain delicate parts of his making him cry out in agony. Meanwhile, Nazma put the crop down and admired her handiwork. She looked at Mubarak’s hard on and saw Nusrat’s hungry look. “Nusrat eat your brother” she ordered. Nusrat without hesitation starting sucking her brother’s long, hard penis almost choking her. She soon sensed that he was coming and looked at her mother for advice. Nazma knew that Nusrat was near the time of her monthly period. She made Mubarak enter his sister’s pussy and started caning his buttocks from behind severely. With every stroke of the cane, Mubarak thrust into his sister’s pussy until she was yelping with pain and pleasure.

Soon he came inside her and the caning stopped. Mubarak kissed his sister and seemed to drop dead after his second climax. After a few minutes, Nazma made him come out of her and proceeded to lick the tasty mixture of her children’s spendings from Nusrat’s pussy. Nusrat went mad with pleasure. “Thank you Mommy, I have never had such pleasure” said Nusrat. So you see you risk your life by going out at night with shady friends when we can have fun inside the house as a loving family. Don’t you see the folly of your ways?” questioned her mother. Yes, yes Mommy she replied. And you young man said Nazma turning to Mubarak, one day you will be married and wedded to a beautiful woman.

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But what if you are wedded to a bad habit of masturbation already, then can you be of any service to your wife. “Mommy, I am truly sorry but what was I to do, being a young man and constantly excited by glimpses of your lovely breasts off and on” replied Mubarak. Now that you have seen the full picture perhaps you will masturbate more. So saying she took a ruler and started tapping his glans penis with it hard about ten times. I punish the very part guilty of the offence as you can see, she said. “Mommy can I enter you” said Mubarak as he got another hard on with the tapping.

“Okay” but just before you come you will take out your penis and put it in Nusrat’s mouth” allowed his mother. Mubarak was wild with joy, he rode his mother for more than five minutes causing her great pleasure when sensing something he came out of his Mom and got into Nusrat’s waiting open mouth. As soon as Nusrat’s tongue made contact with his tortured penis he came and shot his load deep into her throat, with Nusrat eagerly tasting every drop before swallowing it down. She kept the penis into her mouth for a minute or two until it seemed to get limp.

Although Nazma wanted Mubarak’s cock badly she maintained her dignity and thought of the dildo Hamza had presented her which felt like jelly and was very long. “Okay kids, its 1 o’clock and I think you have learnt your lessons. Now I want you kneel down and as a mark of penance kiss the implements used on you and finally Mommy’s pussy. They thanked their mother by kissing her pussy.

When they met at lunch after an hour, everything seemed normal although the servants might have wondered why the two youngsters squirmed uneasily in their seats and looked lovingly at each other and their lovely mother.