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She went mad. She was moaning like anything caressing my hair and pushing my head further deep and clamping my head with her legs. I was madly licking and intermittently flicking her clit making her lift her pelvis in excitement. Soon she had her first orgasm shuddered her whole body.

I felt her juices trickling down her inner thighs. Now she was trying to enter her hand inside my pajama and I helped her by removing fully. Now my 8-inch circumcised monster was staring at her juicy pussy. I came up and began kissing again as my lund was grazing her inner thighs and pussy mound.

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She would shriek in pain and pleasure when my cock hit a dead end in her pussy. We were entwined in passion and lust that we lost track of everything including time. I don’t know how long I pounded her and soon I found my seed building in my testicles. I whispered that I’m cumming.

Soon both of us were reaching our orgasms. She pushed my dick as deep as possible with her legs around my back till I found my dick getting crushed between her pussy walls. Now I couldn’t hold and shouted, “Bharti, I’m cumming.”

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After sometimes we again had another session in doggy and cowgirl positions. After this session, we had innumerable sessions whenever Jignesh was out. She would sometimes deliberately send him out for some or the other reason while we fucked like hell.

She taught me many things. For example, fucking while standing and reverse cowgirl. In next story i ll tell you how she helped me to fuck her friend…