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He had my extension number with him. Almost 2 / 3 visits passed and I did not receive his call. I was doing my record keeping at my desk, when the bell rang. This is Arya came a firm yet sweet voice. I said, yes sir. Could you comeover to my room please. I said – in couple of minutes I will be there. I put the phone on hook and rushed to his room thinking what could be the problem. He was important customer after all.

I knocked. I heard – please come in. As I walked in, I was this Man dressed up in formals. He looked nothing less that Hritik, awesome personality. He smiled, I am going to ask you for a personal favor. He saw confused looks on my face and smiled again. Its my daughter birthday day after tomorrow, can you please buy a Barbie doll set for her. I would be very obliged if you can do this favor as I have meetings lined up today and tomorrow and would not be able to buy it myself.

I said, why not, it would be my pleasure to assist him for this sweet purpose. He placed 2 thousand rupee notes in my hands. I turned around and was about to leave and I heard him again. By the way Neena – You look like Barbie yourself. I glanced back at him with a small smile and blush. Opened the door and walked out. My heart was beating high.

That evening I bought him the Barbie. I kept the Barbie and the remaining Rs.800 in envelop on the table in his room.

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He came back late. Next morning when I went to my desk, I saw the same envelop with cash on my desk. There just one word on top of it – Thanks.

In coming 4 visit he always had some request of purchase for daughter or wife. I was comfortable with helping him, as the amount left behind was quite a pocket money for me.

It was beginning on March now. I was wearing my uniform trousers, top, tie and blazer. I met Mr.Arya again this time. As we spoke in his room he glanced at me and said, hey Barbie doll, you look pretty in this outfit, and I am sure, you would look amazing in other outfits too. I said, I usually wore jeans and skirt when not at work.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I shall be free by 1 and my flight is at 8. If you don’t mind, can you show me around in Delhi? I have been here so many times but have never done any sight seeing. He looked into my eyes, don’t worry Barbie doll, I am a very gentle man. I smiled and looked back into his eyes and was almost mesmerized by his persona.
He said, I shall pick you up at 1.30 from outside the hotel and we shall have lunch together. He had hired taxi for the entire day as usual. We went around to couple of places and finally we reached my place, where I was supposed to get down.

He got down from his side and opened my door. I was so surprised. He said, thank you Madam, it was so wonderful to have you around the entire afternoon. The time passed so quickly. I just couldn’t control myself from getting attracted to this Man. He was so magnetic. I just tool my hand to my lips, kissed and put them to his lips. I said, goodbye Mr. Arya, may be this will help you think of me sometimes. My My, for the first time, “The Mr. Arya” was blushing. I just couldn’t control myself from going closer and actually kissing him good bye. By this time, You all can guess, I was all wet inside my pussy.

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He left and I went to my room, I went to shower and spend next 20 min there just thinking of him and rubbing my naked body. I played with my lips, closed my eyes. My hands moved to my boobs and pinched my nipples. Other hand went to my pussy. I inserted my finger inside and starting masturbating. Then I inserted 2 fingers inside and started moving hand faster. I rubbed myself and finally had a Big Orgasm.

From that day, I eagerly started waiting for him to come back. I used to check date daily and read the list of new guests. Not finding his name, I got sad. Almost one month passed and for the first time, he did not come. I told to myself, what have I done? Was it because of my kiss, that he is shying to visit here. After-all he has his family life, his reputation and his image to protect. He is in thirties and I am just 20, I should move on with my life, I convinced my self.

One day while traveling from my apartment to Hotel I met with an accident. My feet got fractured and I was supposed to be home for 3 weeks. First week passed getting bored, reading, watching tv. Etc. Winters had passed and it was summers. Summers in Delhi are killing. To add to the trouble, there are power cuts. And students cannot really afford invertors and Air Conditioners and so we don’t have choice other than bear it.

I was trying to kill my time on one such afternoon, when I heard a knock on my door. Bell did not ring, as there was no electricity. I dragged myself to open the door and guess who…. He was MR. ARYA himself. I just couldn’t believe myself. My Indian Idol, the Hero of my dreams was back. This is how 18-20 yr old girl thinks, cannot help it. The happiness of seeing him brought tears in my eyes. I held his hand and brought him in and closed the door behind him. He made me sit on the bed and he sat down on the chair beside me.