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He looked into my eyes and started to look around searching for something, I asked him “what do you want?”

He asked me back “Is there no one else around here?”

I was alarmed, exited, anxious and a million other thoughts went through me and gave stir in my brain on what he was thinking.

I replied him that no one is here but “what do you want?” I asked him once again.

He felt a little uneasy of sorts and my look accidentally fell on the auto that is waiting outside and the girl inside it.

She looks like down to earth.

She was wearing an orange caprice pant exposing off her neatly waxed legs and a white t-shirt.

She has a nice structure and looked innocent and was doing something in her mobile.

By then I understood what he want.

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He noticed me watching the girl and gave a naughty smile and blurted out innocently that he want a condom.

As I heard it there was sudden rush of blood and my heart was racing at knots, it was the first time some one has asked me for a condom other than my husband.

Generally in the bedroom when my husband asks for a condom I would put it on his dick with my lips and push it on till the base.

Remembering the naughty little things I really blushed in font of him and my cheeks have turned rosy red.

My husky voice trembled as spoke “One minute please, which brand do you want?”

“Moods”, he replied.

As I bent down to pick the condoms from the lower drawer his eyes fell on my cleavage and things were really getting hot.

As my eyes caught him starring at my lustrous cleavage he simply blushed..

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I handed him the condoms and he gave me the money and dashed off to the auto once again and before he has gone out of sight.

As I was still watching he laid his hand over her shoulder and gave a little squeeze to her firm right boob.

I wondered what a nice show it would be for the auto wala.

I again sat over stool and by this time my sexual urge has doubled and I was desperately searching for means to satisfy me.

My body was aching for a massage of the eternal pleasure.

It was still pouring outside in the darkest of night and the clock struck 9 and there were no signs of any customers.

I was getting restless and thought of being adventurous, I was thinking of masturbating in the shop itself behind the racks.

I stood up and made sure the door is locked from inside on the right side of the counter and went behind the racks.

I raised my leg and placed it over the stool and picked up the edge of my saree and with it my petticoat and raised them until my waist.

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I extended my right arm down below my raised thigh and slowly felt my moist pussy.

Soon as I felt it with my fingers there was a frenzy inside me, with my left hand I grabbed my left boob and started to squeeze my nipple between my fingers.

I started to fantasize of the young man who bought condoms, fucking me and pushed my fingers inside.

Bang..bang.. bang…!

Some knocked the door loudly and I shuddered back to normalcy out of my fucking fantasy and reigned down my saree in a jiffy and brisked towards the counter.

As I looked through the counter there stood a man some 5 foot tall and well disguised in the darkness.

Looking at him I was furious for disturbing my hot little adventure I shrugged at him.

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