Bhaiponta – Indiradebi’s Sensual journey begins

It is due to huge amount of hair which grew for a long time , as a result sweat secretes continuously and soaks the clothes at armpits area. Actually she loves it , because it creates a heavy intoxicating odour which attract both her co-stars & fans . Even some of her co-stars & friends enquire about the perfume which she uses , without answering she just smiles and avoid them .

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The small room is fully covered with the intoxicated scent of her Didi’s armpits sweat . He takes the blouse and inhales deeply which increases his excitement even more and his already hardened cock becomes to throb more vigorously. Totally forgetting the situation he starts to masterbate by pulling out the rigid cock from his pant and licks the wet portion of the blouse & sucks the salty sweat.

At that moment Rachanadebi enters that room and becomes surprised to observe the scene which slowly increases her excitement and starts caressing her pussy through the only thin saree ( without any blouse , petticoat , bra & panty ). After some time a wicked smile comes across her face and she silently comes in front of her brother.

” You perverted sick bro ” Rachanadebi says in a bewildering tone .

” I’m so sorry sis , please don’t mind & tell nobody ” Jay says in shame & lowers his head .

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” How can a sister mind for his loving bro in this special day? In this sacred day all sisters are only for her brother ” saying this Rachanadebi lifts her left hand & pushes her sweaty hairyarmpit in front of his brother’s face .

The white armpit is fully covered by a thick patch of long & curly hairs which are glistening with heavy intoxicating odour of sweat .

Seeing his respected Didi’s lovely & sexy hairy armpit Jay becomes mesmerized and watches it with lustful eyes .

” Why are you licking from a wrong place if you have a right place ? ” Hearing this from Rachanadebi , Jay becomes astonished for a moment and in the next moment puts his mouth in her respected Didi’s hairy armpit.

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At first he licks & sucks the salty intoxicated sweat hungrily from that armpit , later he puts his mouth on her right armpit & sucks the sweat .At the same time he massages Rachanadebi’s fleshy boobs through the thin saree which increases her horniness.

Rachanadebi loosen his brother’s pant & underwear , gripping the nine inch hard cock she starts to stroke the erect cock of his brother. Slowly Jay also removes her respected Didi’s only saree & cups her shaved & swollen pussy with his right hand which is totally soaked with pussy-juice due to Jay’s continuous caressing .

” Oh – h – h how nice , I can’t bear anymore , please fuck ” hearings the hissing from Rachanadebi , Jay inserts his throbbing cock into his Didi’s juicy pussy and starts to fuck face to face in that standing position.

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By moving her lower belly forward & parting her legs slightly , Rachanadebi matches her brother’s every thrust .

” Oh my sweet Didi , it’s the best gift in my life for the Bhaiphonta ” with heavy thrust suddenly Jay asked ” How long are you working as a call-girl in the Sun Hotel ? ” .

Rachanadebi realizes that her secret profession is no more secret to her brother which creates huge shame & pang of guilty feeling in her mind . Due to this ashamed situation her eyes fills with tears and starts weeping which increases her excitement even more.