Indian wife caught in Rain

For a while she watched Anita as she slept, he shapely and firm breasts rising and falling with each intake and exhale of breath, one ankle carelessly kept over the other knee due to which the pussy lips were also slightly visible.

What added to the sight was the belly button which had a dainty ring in it complimented by dainty anklets on her nail polished feet.

Sure enough, after a while both Dileep and Amit arrived.

‘Boy, that was a tough one. The rain was unprecedented. I am glad that Anita too is here. By the way, where is she?’ Amit enquired.

‘She was feeling tired and so has fallen asleep.’ Kavita replied waiting expectantly for the moment when her husband and Amit would go into the bedroom and find Anita sleeping nude.

‘Well, which room have you put her in? I mean the other bedroom is non functional.’ Dileep replied.

‘Where else? She is naturally sleeping on our bed. As it is our bed is quite spacious. All four of us can fit in easily.’ Kavita replied.

‘I guess so.’ Dileep said. ‘ I think I’ll have to give a pair of shorts to Amit.’

‘That won’t be required.’ Kavita replied with a twinkle in her eye.

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‘Why?’ Amit sounded bewildered.

‘Well, you can see for yourself.’ Kavita replied as she led both of them into the bedroom.

‘Wow. That’s great. I had no idea today was my lucky day.’ Dileep said.

‘Stop drooling.’ Kavita chided him.’ What I was suggesting was that since she is naked, it would look out of place if Amit were to wear anything. Would you guys like anything to eat or are you ready to hit the sack? Perhaps a bit of salad would be appropriate.’

‘Since the guests would be nude, would it look good if we were to wear anything? Certainly not. So, let’s strip and get into bed.’ Dileep said exuberantly while chewing the bowl of salad that Kavita served them. ‘ By the way, this salad is good. Has a different spicy taste.’

During this time, Anita had changed her posture and was lying in a fetal position. Kavita still had fond memories of the other day and so she deliberately placed herself in such a manner that her nipples were touching Anita’s.

Amit and Dileep occupied the side positions. Amit slid into bed and sat still for minute or so. Anita was on her side with her knees bent a little. You could just make out her pussy showing from the back.

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Amit called her name out three times and she did not answer. Amit slid over into position and slipped the head of his cock up against her pussy.

She was wet as usual and with just a few slow smooth strokes he started to enter her. Though it was dark but the candle was still lit and both Dileep and Kavita were watching this scene with bated breaths. It was clear from Amit’s body position that he had entered her and was making love to her with slow strokes.

‘ Amit, there is a request.’ Kavita whispered.


‘Now that we are so free, why don’t you let Dileep make love to her while both of us watch or if you so wish you can make love to me. And Dileep, please don’t discharge inside her. She is asleep and any spillover would cause her discomfort.’ Kavita said and Dileep nodded.

To be Continued…