Hot Mom used well by Lorry Drivers

Then late night one the driver from the back put his hand through and called mom to join them with a naughty smile…

As I was pretending sleepy I could see mom said wait she trying to go back without me noticing !!

Then mom got down and went behind the lorry of the driver got down of lorry and helped mom to get in ..

He grabbed her from back and pushed her inside by rubbing her ass !!

Mom moaned aaaahh!!! What you doing ?? And 2nd driver pulled her in ..

Mom was horny and asked the drivers why you called me ..

One of the driver said we couldn’t sleep because of you darling your dicks are waiting to fuck you !!

From the front I could see everything mom was scared and said my son is here he is gonna feel about it..

So the driver said don’t worry he will never know he is sleeping..

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The second driver grabbed my mom from back and started kissing her neck passionately …

Started squeezing her juicy navel mom was horny and started moaning plzz ahhh stop my son gonna wake up,.. Aaahh!!!

But the guy closed moms mouth with is left hand and started caressing all over the body!!!!

The turned my mom and started kissing her lips mom started responding to it she was into it after kissing for 5 min …

He took my moms hand and starts rubbing his dick…

Mom got hold of his cock and started stroking.the other guy removed,..he was very muscular and has 8 inch dick ..

He started squeezing moms butts from behind inn her saree …

Both the drivers started pressing her boobs hardly mom was moaning heavily ,, he pulled her pally down and started licking her cleavage …

The other guy removed his clothes he had 9 inch cock ..

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Both the drivers ripped her blouse and bro and presses her boobs hardly mom was Lk ahhh aooo ahhh !!!

Take it in your mouth both started sucking her boobs!!!

Then removed the down part of the saree and started licking her legs !!!

Then both said suck your cock darling can’t wait to feel your mouth on our dick…

The pulled mom down and started mouth fucking mom!!! After a while driver said lets fuck her !!

mom said noo not here my son gonna wake up he is sleeping in front !!!

So the guys decided to go into the woods .. So mom said okay !! One of the drive lifted mom and carried her nearby woods ..

I was disappointed and I don’t want to miss this the main course !!!

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My dick was bulged and even I wanted fuck my mom!! I got down of the lorry and I was hiding behind a tree and watching mom getting fucked by stroking my hard dick!!!

First driver took a blanket and spread on the floor !!

The guy lifting mom slowly made her lay on the ground ..both started licking all over body mom was moaning ahhhoo yeses !!!she stared stroking dicks of both and sucking them passionately …

Driver removed her panties slowly mom was ahhh aoohh !!! Lick my pussy yessss!! Ahhhooo .. He spread her legs wide and started licking heavily !!

After licking her pussy for 3 min mom was moaning with pleasure !!! Ahhhho plz fuck mee plzz!!! One of the driver spread her legs and took his dick in hand started rubbing in her clit ..

Mom put it inside fuck mee ..

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He started pushing his dick slowly give some gentle strokes!!

Mom was out of control was moaning ahhhooo yeass fuck mee!!!

Now increased his speed started fucking her vigorously !!!

He cum inside moms pussy he was tiers even mom was tired !!!

Then the second driver who has huge dick turned mom over and started fucking her from back !!!

Mom couldn’t take take that huge cock in her pussy she was screaming with pleasure aooohh yess fucckk mee don’t sttop!!!!!

He then fuck her for about 20 min and collapsed on mom and started kissing her slowly ….

Mom was happy because of great fuck!!!

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All three came back towards the lorry !! i ran back and Pretending sleepy..

All three dresses up and mom came back to the front and slept …

I the morning woke up normally like I dint see anything and we reached our hometown !!!

How I seduced my mom to sex In my next story soo hope you guys enjoyed it !!!!!

Thank you