Desi Hindu Wife fucked by Muslim Driver – Muslim sex stories

He stopped the rickshaw outside a small house and got out. Then he sat down on the back seat with me.

I was angry “what the fuck is this.”

Driver- “Don’t shout baby why are you so eager to go home spend some time with me also. See this is my house come inside I will treat you like my guest.”

Oh fuck off I am leaving now, I said.

He grabbed my hand I said, “how dare you.”

Driver- Bahot english bol rahi hai payar ki bhasha nahi samajh aati tujhe.

He forcefully put my hand on his cock which was erect. I tried to slap him with my other hand but he was quick enough to grab it too.

Driver – See this cock how hard it has got seeing your sexy body.

Grabbing both my hands he started sucking my lips and said, “you are hindu women huh. I have fucked many hindu ladies like you and all of them fell in love with my big circumcised muslim cock.”

I tried to scream but he shut down my mouth with his big palm. He was a big man definitely 6 feet tall as far as i can say.

He lifted me up and took me inside his house and closed the door. I couldn’t do anything as I was completely overpowered by him.

Driver- ‘Now shout no one is going to listen to you even if anyone does no one is gonna stop me. This is a muslim area. The neighborhood is filled with fearless and hungry men like me. If they hear you then all those men would come and fuck you one by one. They all love filling hindu women’s pussy with their cock juice. Now decide for yourself do you want to get fucked by the whole neighborhood ? If yes then shout.’

“You dirty muslim scum”, I screamed.

Driver- ‘Haha I wonder what would you say when my hard muslim cock enters your hindu vagina or would you moan in pleasure like a hindu bitch. Let me tell you today I ate beef holy cow in the dinner so my cock is even hotter today with more testosterone in by blood.’

He was lustfully looking at my fair body. He came close and started touching my back I tried to resist but all my efforts were of no use. He started kissing and sucking my sexy back from outside the deep back blouse.

Driver- ‘You are a brahmin hindu bitch I will make your body pure today with my muslim cock juice.’