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Prashant gave a few slaps on my ass cheeks and I had to open my mouth. Immediately, Swati pushed her left breast into my mouth and started shouting, “Gheunthak (Take it).” I had no other go than to take her breast inside and soon I could taste her salty nipples inside my mouth.

She was pulling my face harder against my breasts while Prashant kept fucking me with his fingers. I was moaning on Swati’s breasts and my loud moans sounded so weak.

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I soon climaxed and my juices began spraying over Prashant’s face. He hungrily licked and sucked my clit swallowing till the last drop of my cum.

Then his attention was drawn to my breasts as he jumped on me. He began by teasing my nipples with his fingers, licking around my areola and then started giving them a real hard squeeze. I was moaning in agony and also in the sensation of feeling his mouth and fingers on my breasts. He wasn’t listening to my cries as he kept mashing my breasts like wheat flour and started taking them one by one inside his mouth.

His wife was shamelessly pushing his head hard against my breast letting her husband keep sucking my breasts. Suddenly, the sardarji appeared outside the window and knocked the window glass.

Prashant perhaps understood his signal and immediately pulled down his pants and briefs. I could see his long hard dick in the semi darkness inside the taxi.

“Uncle, Please leave me, don’t do it,” I took off my mouth from Swati’s breasts and screamed.

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“Ghabru nako, mee condom vaparto (Don’t worry, I have got condoms),” Prashant replied and began inserting his dick inside a condom.

“Aik porgi, sampoorna mazaa yethil (Listen girl, you will get perfect pleasure),” Swati said and pulled me further up on the seat. Prashant forcibly spread my legs and with a little bit of discomfort positioned his dick against my pussy lips.

I screamed once again but not after I felt his huge dick penetrate inside my tight pussy. Prashant groaned and shook his head in disbelief after almost half of his dick had made its way inside me. He then started jumping on me sending his dick deeper and harder inside me.

I was just moaning now with closed eyes as I did not want to see his ugly face while he fucked me. Swati was now holding my body very firmly and she was coming forward to suck my breasts once in a while.

Prashant was murmuring something in Marathi as he fucked me and I could hear Swati laughing. I thought he was talking something dirty. I was building up as he picked up tremendous speed and his dick was slurping inside my pussy very fast and easy.

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I experienced my orgasm soon and after sometime Prashant halted after his climax. He wasn’t even wearing his pants as he simply gathered his clothes and stepped out.

Immediately, the Sardarji got inside through the same door. He had already taken off his pants and was holding his gigantic dick as she got in. Swati knew that I couldn’t fight more and she also slipped out through the door to her side.

“Sardarji, I am a little girl. You are too big,” I pleaded with folded hands. He wasn’t listening to me as I felt his huge body pressing on me. His dick was much stronger and longer than Prashant’s. I was worried that the Sardarji could make me pregnant as I have heard that they are very vigorous males.

“Sardarji, I will get pregnant,” I cried.

“Koi gal nahi (No problem),” The sardarji said laughingly. “I am going to fuck you in your hairy ass.”

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He immediately rolled my body on the seat making me lay on my chest. He was so heavy and strong that I could not even move an inch on the seat.

Soon I felt his dick feeling for my ass hole and I screamed as he began thrusting his gigantic dick inside my small ass hole. I screamed in pain and he wasn’t hearing to my cries.

He fucked me very hard in my ass sending shock all over my body. He was very quick, much quicker than Prashant although his hands were much rude than Prashant.

Finally he exploded and his semen began overflowing through my ass hole. He got down and dressed himself up. I was weeping on the seat for sometime till I realized that the taxi had started moving.

I sat up and began dressing up and did not bother to look at Swati till the taxi reached Pune.

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Once we reached Pune junction, I got down and began walking towards my sister’s place without even bothering to look at the taxi.

Till date, I haven’t revealed the incident to anyone.

Now I am married and have a daughter who is going to school.

I thought my experience might give some excitement to the readers.


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