Desi wife fucks old servant – Part 2

For more details and insights on Kaam Yog techniques readers are requested to contact me.) Repeated performance with me had made her quite capable in this art form.

In the wildest of my dreams I had never imagined that she would perform it for this guy! She could hardy move under his massive weight but I could make out her quivering buttocks as she tried short upward jerks from below and at the same time squeezed and unsqueezed her cunt against his inserted cock.

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“That feels lovely dear….. come on…. Break my lund.. oooooh” he wheezed out. “Wow, who taught you?” he asked her. “My husband” Manasi replied. “Wow wow wow” he hissed “come on come on pleasure me dear I am your husband now,” he cried in the ecstasy of her profound carnal maneuvers.

He began to deliver long, deep and full strokes in a slow rhythmic manner feeling her femininity. “It’s like you are milking my cock with your cunt, Manasi, its great ….. come grip me tighter, my cock is for you.” They fucked for about ten minutes enjoying each other. In a voluntary gesture Manasi began to rub her fleshy, satiny thighs across his flanks much in the way she did for me and a thing I liked.

Ashraful liked it too and increased his speed. I could make out from his face that her active participation was exciting him immensely. His eyes had rolled back on his head as he began to relish the soft receptive female body under him.

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I had always wondered how a huge wrestler led a sex life considering his enormous weight and speculated how it was possible for a woman to make love in this position, lying under his bulk and what her experiences would be like. Now seeing my own wife in such a situation was indeed erotic.

I realized that it was a good exercise for her and the heavy hips delivering full blooded strokes in her cunt was extremely stimulating for her. There was no escape for her but to receive his ferocious lunges with open cunt. I was writhing in a sublime sensuality, because I knew exactly how good the guy was feeling in fucking her.

Beads of sweat were forming on her face, forehead and brows and she was moaning continuously. It was not mouth-uttered sound but noise that erupted in her throat as he thrashed her cunt with virile intensity. It was a crude, raw and passionate fucking. I realized that a woman could take such a fuck if she were in the right aroused mood.

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Ashraful could not refrain from ejaculating inside her but his keen experience was enough to delay the inevitable. I realized that whenever he felt like cumming he would slow down considerably until the feeling was gone than start all over again. So his fuck went on and on and I was nothing in comparison to this guy!

I was jealous and I envied him. These guys can really fuck but do not get good females to sleep with. Ashraful was dammed lucky to have a full bodied woman like Manasi as his permanent fuck-mate.

Occasionally he would stop to take a swig from the liquor bottle and he would feed her also and I watched her take booze like never before. The drink was making her warm and more cooperative.

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She must have come to orgasm several times during their fornication because she just lay back waiting for him to deluge her with his sperm.

Believe it or not he fucked her for not less than an hour. In the end it came. What a climax! The great black body latched onto the white one below and then there was no movement at all.

Everything was still. The abdominal muscles cramped in his body, his buttocks spasmed and I could easily guess that he was flooding her with his seed fertilizing her womb for the second time in 24 hours. He slumped over he totally spent but still attached and they slept like that.

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I gave myself a break. I was so heated up that I realised I would have to meet my colleague Rani for a good fuck but not before I watched all that was to transpire in the filthy servant shed. When I went back to my console I could see that both Manasi and Ashraful has risen too and had had washes in the attached bathroom.

Manasi was naked.

He had not allowed her to dress. After freshening he was ready and heaving and he took her to bed again and this timehe made Manasi ride him. “I want you to fuck me like a good pros, Manasi” he stated as she sat on his phallus. He pulled her down onto his chest till her breasts were squashed against his chest. “Fuck me like this” he ordered.

Manasi lay prone on his black belly and made her movements. Her buttocks rose and fell as if lubricating his black rod.

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“Faster” he snapped and she romped him with all her might. “Also milk me like you did.” She stopped and expertly manipulated her cunt around his virile shaft. His reaction was instantaneous. “Good good come on do it do it keep doing it ..” he beamed. He relaxed. Manasi was thorough. “lovely he remarked in adulation.

Soon she had excited him beyond control. He sat up on the bed pulling her onto his lap in an inserted position and began to stroke her violently.

He gripped her buttocks hard and rammed his manhood into her with brute force making her yelp. “like it?” he asked. “yes yes yes” was her answer. “Give me your juice again” she cried in severe sexual heat. Her words worked like an aphrodisiac and he clutched her torso onto his front and ejaculate into her again for the second time.

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This however was not the end of their love-mating this was just the introduction or the beginning of what was going to turn into a real hot gang-bang, but sadly, I have to end my story here. Rest will follow in Part III.


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