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After a while Shahzaad and Gaurav exchanged position. Shahzaad turned her around and started fucking her from behind while Gaurav was having his cock sucked by her.

Soon Gaurav came in her mouth which she was made to drink. She was sobbing all the while, but Shahzaad was going at her with full force. I was turned on now, and gave my dick to Arpita and ordered her to suck it hard.

She looked at me with anger in her eyes, and she blamed me for it.

By now she knew she had been tricked.

Nonetheless, I shoved my cock in her mouth.

I was going to break that bitch boudi and make her my slut.

She sucked my dick till it was hard, after which I asked Shahzaad to make her lie on him and fuck her from below. After they got into the position, I positioned myself behind her.

Bangla Boudi – Maid’s Husband

The tip of my cock touched her asshole.

She knew what was coming, and turned towards me with horror in her eyes, pleading – “Please! Please! Okhane koro na, ami kokhono okhane korini, khub lagbe!” (Please! Please! Don’t fuck me there, I have never done it, it’s going to hurt).

I shouted back at her, “Chup rendi sali! Chup chap choda chudi kor. Pod tah khol! (Shut up you whore! Open you asshole!)

While Shahzaad’s cock was in her pussy, I slowly pushed my dick into her asshole. Her screams filled the room, she was rolling her eyes with agony.

I started fucking her when a little blood started coming out of her asshole. I didn’t stop and kept ramming her. Shahzaad came in the meanwhile and was replaced again by Gaurav.

We sandwiched her between us and kept fucking her rough. She was enjoying it now. All the while she was being videotaped where it seemed she was fucking us willingly.

Bangla Boudi – Dusky Bangalore Aunty

We opened up both her holes and fucked her in the sandwich position for about 45 minutes when Gaurav and I came into her one by one.

Shahzaad had jizzed all over her face from the blowjob.

She was now lying on the bed, breathing heavily while we made ourselves a drink.

Soon after his drink, Gaurav took Arpita boudi to the bathroom and started fucking her under the shower.

I was cold, but everyone was feeling hot from the fucking.

He needed some time alone with his boudi. She was not protesting anymore, we had broken her completely now.

She did not have dignity left in her.

Gaurav was shouting abuses at the top of his voice while fucking her – “Sali khanki magi! Toke aaj raate pran bhore chudbo. Sali tui aaj theke amar rendi. Jokhon bolbo tokhon chudbi sali! (Fucking slut! I am going to fuck you tonight till I am satisfied. You are my whore boudi from today. You will fuck me whenever I tell you!) He came with a howl into her.

Bangla Boudi – My Sweet Brother

After coming out of the shower, Shahzaad and I again took our turns with her.

Throughout the night, someone or the other had their cock inside her. I woke up in the morning to find Shahzaad and Gaurav fucking the brains out of Arpita.

They came all over her face and boobs when he was done.

She was lying there, dried cum all over body, dripping from her lips, on her boobs, gushing out of her pussy and asshole. She had been used completely, but we still weren’t done with her.

Gaurav went back home to find Rajib sitting with his wife’s bra and panty and worried about his wife. He showed him the video of the New Year’s night adventures of his beloved wife, after which he broke down completely and started crying.

Gaurav warned him that if he tried to stop her, he would release the video over the internet and would lose everything.

Rajib was told to go back home and wait, we would send Arpita back when we were done with her.

Bangla Boudi – Big boobs wife fucked by Servants

Meanwhile, after giving her a bit of rest, the fucking continued again. I had called other friends over as well and whoring out Arpita to them. She was not allowed to wear any clothes and whoever came, fucked all her holes. She was sometimes fucked by 5 guys at a time.

She was turned into a cheap slut, a personal whore. We sent her back to her home after 3 days, when everyone had fucked all her holes again and again.

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